Glasstire Drawing Project #1: Life On the List, Chapter 1

The Glasstire Drawing Project debuts with Chapter 1 of Michael Bise’s “Life On the List,” an autobiographical comic about life on the heart transplant list.


also by Michael Bise

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18 responses to “Glasstire Drawing Project #1: Life On the List, Chapter 1”

  1. Well, so far this Bise-heart-transplant thing has been great for US . . . Let’s all hope that Michael lapses into a comfortable mediocrity later in life, spiced with incoherent Harvey-Pekar-style TV appearances rehashing his traumatic experiences and the great comic he wrote about them.

  2. Awed and speechless.

  3. Amazing. Wonderful. Damn.

  4. my heart’s broken too

  5. Damn, this is simply fucking awesome. Stunning work.

  6. And I second Bill’s sentiments.

  7. Michael, I love this because 1. Its great,moving, funny, aesthetically compelling 2. You are so honest and brave.

  8. thinking of you and sending the best of all thoughts.

  9. love you dogg

  10. love you Mikie. Your comic drawings still look the same as ten years ago (better). Poor Mr. Ramirez…

  11. Love the blunt honesty. Truth is funny. Why are medical professionals so fat? I have often wondered. Hope to meet you at the TCU opening.

  12. Michael had his heart transplant yesterday. All systems are GO!

  13. So glad to hear that you have a new heart. Sending healing thoughts your way, Michael.

  14. A new Heart a new beginning. Everyone expects greatness to follow.Congratulations.

  15. Hoping your new heart is a ‘good heart for art’

  16. […] hedonism. There is also a series of Bise’s smaller, comic-style drawings called Life on the List, that he made recently for Glasstire, which chronicle the artist’s struggle to come to grips with his perhaps imminent death […]

  17. “Art Review: Death and Shame … ”

    Lucia Simek fails to recognize Rawling’s work as a copy of Courbet’s L’Origine du Monde. Lol. Never going to Dallas! But looking forward to chapter 2.

  18. Michael, I do hope you are reading this. I am wishing you all the best and saying a prayer for your speedy recovery! As always you have captivated us with your humor and humanity. Be in touch!

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