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Marchicelli Fired: Right Wing Coup at the Amarillo Museum of Art?

Graziella Marchicelli, Director of the Amarillo Museum of Art since 2006, was abruptly fired on May 13 for what T. Jay Reeves, the president-elect of the museums board called “a rule violation,” although no one connected with the museum quoted in the article in the Amarillo Globe-News had any criticism of her work. In the evidence vacuum, rumors and counter-rumors of scandal, board chicanery, and censorship are swirling like a high plains dust storm.

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4 Responses

  1. Terry

    What I heard is that the full board was kept in the dark until the termination was done. They didn’t even have a say in it. They didn’t even get to vote. So, what’s the point of a board if you can’t vote.

  2. fanhawk freak

    holy sh#t how’d I ever miss this article with a title like that. Late on this one………..but let me tell you Marchicelli was the best thing that happened at that museum. That place was finally alive. I really enjoyed what they had up there for such a short period, Grace Hartigan…awesome, Georges Rouault, Carole Feuerman’s sculptures (scary real), Pop-Art by Leo Jensen, he was a contemporary of Warhol, photographs by Stephen Shore, Joseph Holston’s paintings about the underground railroad were really stirring..it was all really awesome for such a small place in the middle of nowhere. Funny how Amarillo Globe News carefully left out the president of the board’s name, Kevin Ball, from the whole story even though he was the current president at that time. WTF is that? Could it be because that corporate stooge Kevin Ball is VP of marketing at Hastings Entertainment? What a chicken s##t.

  3. Marchicelli

    Oh my gosh… she’s my aunt, no joke. It is wierd, I just googled her name, and this is what popped up. I mean, i knew about it, but its cool that theres an article written on it. They were fools to let her go, I’ll tell you that. I think the actual reason they did was because they didn’t have enough money.

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