This and That: Vincent Valdez and Adriana Corral and Chris Musina

by Courtney Thomas February 26, 2024

“This and That” is an occasional series of paired observations. See past “This and That” posts here. – Ed.

Today: Dying birds

A large black sculpture of a bird on its back sits on the floor of a gallery that has an abstract work on the wall behind it.

Vincent Valdez and Adriana Corral, “Requiem,” 2019, clay, cast bronze, ash; dates hand carved into drywall. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum purchase funded by the Caroline Wiess Law Accessions Endowment Fund


a sculpture of a parakeet on its back.

Chris Musina, “Fall of Incas/Conuropsis Carolinensis d. 1918”



No matter how original, innovative or crazy your idea, someone else is also working on that idea. Furthermore, they are using notation very similar to yours. – Bruce J. MacLennan

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