Co-Lab Projects Now Offers Fiscal Sponsorship to Austin Artists

by Brandon Zech October 19, 2018
Demo Gallery co-lab projects in Austin, Texas

An art exhibition at Co-Lab Projects’ DEMO Gallery

Co-Lab Projects, an artist-run non-profit organization in Austin, Texas has announced that it is now offering fiscal sponsorship to Austin artists. Joining the ranks of other Austin organizations that help support artists in this way — like Big Medium and Women & Their Work — Co-Lab’s program is open to anyone looking to apply for grant money, including individuals, collectives, and unincorporated organizations.

For its role in administering and processing the grant program, Co-Lab takes 10% of the award — this helps fund the organization and perpetuate its ability to continue the program. (For reference, the Austin Creative Alliance, which offers fiscal sponsorship to Austin artists and numerous other projects and organizations across the city, also keeps 10% of given awards to foot administrative costs.) In exchange, applicants get help from Co-Lab on their applications and budget, along with assistance in finishing and reporting their projects. Participants will also be featured in Co-Lab’s email newsletter.

David McMichael, who is working for Co-Lab on the program, commented to Glasstire:

“We’re thrilled to expand Co-Lab’s range of artist support services to the realm of fiscal sponsorship. Empowering original, audacious, talented folks to make their stuff is essential, and getting money to folks is such a direct and impactful way to do that.”

Currently, Co-Lab supports six projects/artists, with a few more in the works:

Austin Synthesizer Ensemble
Glowed Up
hyperreal film club
Michael Anthony Garcia
Veronica Ortuno Curated Projects

It’s possible that Co-Lab may not be able to take on as many fiscally sponsored projects as it expected to when it began the program, due a to recent shortage of arts funding in Austin. Still, the organization’s website lists one ongoing grant and one upcoming grant as opportunities for artists. See those below, and go here for more information on Co-Lab’s program.

Community Initiatives is a City of Austin grant program that provides funding for public arts events (e.g. a fashion show, a film series, an exhibition of paintings or sculptures, a site-specific installation and performance, etc.). Applications are due on or before the last Monday of each month, and must be submitted at least 60 days before the project begins. Click here to tell us about your project and start the process.

Core Cultural Funding is a City of Austin grant program that provides funding for the programming of organizations and individuals who have a strong track record of producing public arts events. Applications are due May 1, 2019. Click here to tell us about your programming.

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