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Houston Puts the Fun Into Recycling

The City of Houston just unveiled its 7th recycling truck designed by an artist: Wet Cement, by Iva Kinnaird, is a truck wrapped in images of handprints and other designs carved into wet cement. In a statement, Kinnaird says “The artwork is intended as a visual metaphor to show that individual action makes a lasting difference and to illustrate that we must take care with the decisions we make today, because of the mark they will leave on the future of our city.”

Mayor Sylvester Turner commented, “With summertime, we hope children will be on the lookout for an art recycle truck in their community.” Hey Mayor, you should add ice cream truck music to the recycling program  — that’ll get the kids fired up!

Last year the City cut glass from its curbside recycling program due to budget constraints, so perhaps the children (and adults) of Houston will get inspired by the artist-designed recycling trucks and demand that the city find a way to bring back curbside glass — but until then, here’s a list of neighborhood locations where you can drop off your jelly jars and champagne bottles.

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