New Houston Gallery to Open in Montrose

mariagoHouston will soon have a new contemporary art gallery on Waugh Drive in Montrose called the Mariago Collective. While the use of the word “collective” does not seem to imply any sort of artist-run space, the Mariago says they have been very busy creating a schedule of guest curators for the 2014 season. It will house a commercial gallery and experimental art spaces to create “both laboratory and showroom.”

Although the Mariago is not scheduled to officially open until the spring, there will be a “soft opening” of its first exhibition on February 15. Simple Ingredients will be a show on the theme of domesticity featuring artists The Art Guys, KC Collins, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Luis Jimenez, Paul Kittelson, Kyle Olson and Erin Stafford.

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  1. Sounds great! Interesting combination of ‘commercial’ and ‘experimental’. Why not post an address since there is not yet a website.

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