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Dance Into The New Year with Artpix

Merce Cunningham Dance CompanyARTPIX, Houston-based art-magazine-on-a-disc, has released a 3-disc DVD, Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Park Avenue Armory Event 2011, in collaboration with the Merce Cunningham Trust. The DVDs document the final performance of the Cunningham Company at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue at 67th St. in New York on December 29-31, 2011. Six performances featuring fourteen dancers dancing “excerpts” of fifty years of choreography on three separate stages are a retrospective goodbye to an era in modern dance.

David Velasco writing in Artforum in December called it “One of the best films of 2012”, noting that it was “not released in theaters or shown at any festivals or streamed on Netflix or anywhere,” which of course makes it all the more exclusively desirable. Exclusivity notwithstanding, the set is still not overpriced- $60 from Microcinema International, or only 21 cents for each of the film’s 279 minutes! Feel free to sit, stand, or wander to observe the various dances being simultaneously performed on the three stages, all inside your TV!

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