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Free Press Summer Fest: It’s not Just For Music Anymore

In addition to the piles of bands, gallons of sweat, and acres of pizza, 26 art projects compete for attention along the shores of Buffalo Bayou at this year’s Free Press Summer Fest, happening TODAY, June 2, and tomorrow in the swath of sometimes inundated floodplain that in Houston’s Eleanor Tinsley Park.

The pieces range from tried and true festive installations like Aimee Jones’ Feel Better Forever and the Moustache Ride seesaw, fresh from a popular run in Austin, to crafty workshops and mini-golf. Inevitably, the lineup features a raft of those goofy-sounding concepts that might be truly wonderful in practice, or might just be pathetic, depending more on the chutzpah of the presenters than the depth of their ideas. (Remember State Fair at Diverseworks?)

Festival organizers have provided a convenient map that makes the art-seeking experience seem like a stroll on a putting green; if you keep your eyes firmly affixed to it, head down, as you plough the human wall of festival goers, you might make it!

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