Top Five: April 25, 2024

by Glasstire April 25, 2024

Glasstire counts down the top five art events in Texas.

For last week’s picks, please go here.

An installation photograph of an exhibition by José Villalobos.

Installation shot of José Villalobos: “groomed”

1. Jose Villalobos: groomed
Artpace (San Antonio)
March 28 – May 19, 2024

From Artpace:

“José Villalobos’s exhibition, groomed, conveys the effects of machismo within Norteño culture. Through sculpture and performance, Villalobos displays a nuanced and proud connection to his heritage, withstanding the historic and violent undercurrents of homophobia that exist within it.”

A photograph of a colorful lithograph of an abstracted figure.

Marisol, “Catalpa Maiden About to Touch Herself,” 1973 lithograph, 40.5 x 27.5 inches, edition of 24

2. Marisol & Shana Hoehn
Josh Pazda Hiram Butler (Houston)
March 9 – May 4, 2024

From Josh Pazda Hiram Butler:

“This exhibition of works on paper presents a cross-generational pairing of two artists that are best known for their sculptural studio production. In addition to a shared material preference for carving wood to create their sculptures, Marisol and Hoehn’s works also prominently figure the female body as a subject at human scale. In their works on paper, both artists couple aspects of fragmentation and hybridity, elucidating visual and conceptual affinities that contemplate notions of feminine beauty, eroticism, horror, and fantasy.”

An installation photograph of artworks in a gallery.

Installation shot of “Made Up Men”

3. Made Up Men
Tureen (Dallas)
April 5 – May 15, 2024

From Tureen:

“In both fine art and mass media, consumers fetishize the origin story. The Freudian journey from childhood to villainhood, or dreamer to maker, is a prerequisite told in the hopes of satisfying an audience eager for meaning in a world of dead ends. The works in the exhibition by Kyle Thurman and Danny McDonald do not withhold their origins.

The paintings and sculptures on display present imagery well-worn in the public sphere — body armor, action figures, Halloween masks, these are the building blocks of a cultural penchant for nurturing masculinity. But the succor they offer in their making is less flagellating, less prescriptive of a remedy to the worst of maleness than it is an acknowledgment of the instinct to play pretend.”

A drawing by Karl Haendel of a hand holding an eyeball.

Karl Haendel, “Hamsa 2,” 2023, pencil and enamel on paper, 53 x 45 inches.

4. KARL HAENDEL: Love and Capital
Lora Reynolds (Austin)
March 30 – June 1, 2024

From Lora Reynolds Gallery:

“Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce Love and Capital, an exhibition of graphite drawings (that sometimes include ink) by Karl Haendel — the artist’s first show at the gallery.

Haendel’s drawings—sometimes modestly scaled, often gigantic, installed unconventionally (high, low, salon style and solo, across corners, snaking onto the ceiling) — are mostly rendered in a striking photorealistic style. They play with a wide range of imagery: from medieval suits of armor, big cats and dead bees, human hands, oversized scribbles, introspective and deeply vulnerable texts, embodied punctuation, portraits of famous politicians, barrel-racing girls on horseback, all manner of cartoons, to aerial views of flooded neighborhoods and the rotunda at the Texas State Capitol. ”

A photograph of a sculpture by Paul Oglesby.

A work by Paul Oglesby

5. Paul Oglesby: Abstract Environmental Messages
Charles Adams Gallery (Lubbock)
April 5 – 30, 2024

From Charles Adams Gallery:

“This is a small window into the negative space found inside of collected, common everyday objects. My exhibit branches into two of the categories of the same large body of work, both architectural and organic but one is fully translucent glass assemblages and one is solid cast concrete in the form of totemic, abstract botanicals. Both come from my “Zygo” sculpture system concept and are an environmental statement about climate change in glass, water, and concrete.”

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