Make an Entire Tiny Art Show at Big Medium With Hillerbrand+Magsamen

by Glasstire May 3, 2020

Photo courtesy of the artists.

Hillerbrand+Magsamen, out of Houston, were scheduled to mount a show of their ongoing Devices project at Austin’s Big Medium in April, but it’s been rescheduled due to coronavirus closures. Ever inventive, the duo-cum-family of artists launched a project called Tiny Big Medium (#tinybigmedium), for which they asked “YOU to install work remotely into the space through a creative tiny paper version of the gallery or a #tinybigmedium!”

The (charming) invite and instructions are in the video below.


  1. Download the #tinybigmedium PDF
  2. Print out the #tinybigmedium Pledge and gallery
  3. Fill in and sign the #tinybigmedium Pledge and fold the gallery
  4. Use your own creativity to install, draw, paint, or perform inside this wonderful #tinybigmedium art gallery
  5. Take a picture of what you have done and post it to Instagram using #tinybigmedium and tag @hillerbrand_magsamen, @bigmediumaustin, and @fuseboxfestival.

Go here for more.

Also: “The performance Devices for Preparation & Comfort took place on April 26, 2020 for the Fusebox Festival Virtual Edition. Hillerbrand + Magsamen + (Stopschinski) + [Lynn] shared music, images, and activities intended to provide Comfort and Preparation for quarantines both actual and internal.”

To watch Hillerbrand + Magsamen’s Five-Minute Tour of their still-current show Devices: Then & Now at Heidi Vaughan Fine Art in Houston, see below or go here.

To read a very recent interview with Hillerbrand+Magsamen about their evolution and their current Devices project, please go here.


Hillerbrand+Magsamen is the collaboration of Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen and their children, Maddie and Emmett. Their work has been presented at festivals, galleries and museums internationally. Based in Houston, Texas, Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s practice utilizes collaboration, process and media experimentation through video, photography, installation and interdisciplinary performance. Explorations of humor, tension, family, futility, and found objects are at the center of their creative practice, blurring boundaries between life and art.


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