Dallas Art Space PRP’s New Show “Paintings of Michelle’s Paintings” Opens as a Fundraiser

by Christopher Blay May 14, 2020

PRP, West Dallas.

West Dallas art space PRP has a new show opening tomorrow, May 15, on the gallery’s Tumblr page. Paintings of Michelle’s Paintings, inspired by artist Michelle Rawling’s version of Pablo Picasso’s Lying Woman, is a collection of paintings based on Rawling’s copy.

Sales of the paintings, priced at $250 each, will benefit artists and healthcare workers, with 50% of the sale going to the artist, and the other half benefiting GetUsPPE.org, an organizational platform designed to get Personal Protective Equipment to healthcare providers.

Pablo Picasso’s Lying Woman

Pablo Picasso’s Lying Woman.

The exhibition/fundraiser will include works by many DFW-based favorites, including Jesse Morgan Barnett, James Buss, Kerry Butcher, Jake Elliot, Oshay Green Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Travis Lamothe, Stephen Lapthisophon,  Leslie Martinez, Michael Mazurek, Reagan Mazurek, Shelby Meier, Greg Meza, Jessie Alexandra Moncrief, Hector Ramirez, Ryder Richards, Greg Ruppe, Brandon Thompson, Zeke Williams, Paul Winker, and Michael Wynne.


PRP is an artist-run permanent research project based in Dallas, TX. It provides artists with an environment to conceptualize, produce, and exhibit their work. Establishing a critical setting for investigation and experimentation, PRP promotes thoughtful discourse and growth. 

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