New Series: Movie of the Day: “Get Carter”

by Neil Fauerso March 17, 2020

Michael Caine in ‘Get Carter’ (1971)

Ed note: During the COVID-19 situation, Glasstire’s Neil Fauerso will bring you interesting (perhaps unexpected) movie recommendations. You can stream these at home. He’s also posting these on his Instagram.

Get Carter (1971): Excellent, nasty British gangster flick. Michael Caine has played a bemused old man for so long it’s easy to forget he was once a total badass. He’s extremely high-T as Jack Carter, a London gangster avenging his brother’s death in North England. It’s a gas to see how gnarly ’70s movies are — the bad guys in this movie are basically child pornographers and Carter’s vengeance is twisted and merciless. Excellent cinematography and sound design, and a scorching cameo by the legend Britt Ekland. 4/5

You can stream this one (not to be confused with the 2000 version) on Amazon Prime.

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