DMA Announces Intriguing Museum Priorities: Art, Scholarship, and Conservation

by Paula Newton August 13, 2013

While LACMA’s in-house restaurant recently launched a 45-page “Tasting Water” menu and hired a “water sommelier,” the Dallas Museum of Art is actually taking over half of its atrium restaurant space and turning it into a paintings conservation studio.

“The launch of these new conservation initiatives supports the DMA’s commitment to responsible stewardship of our collection, and the advancement of conservation research and practices in the region and across the museum field,” says Director Maxwell L. Anderson. Peter Simek, in D Magazine, explains: “In other words, a strong conservation department will allow the DMA to leverage its technical know-how and ability to service works on loan, and not just borrow them for exhibition, making the museum a more attractive exhibition partner and grounding an important element of museum scholarship (scientific conservation) in Dallas.”

The studio is set to open in November 2013.

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