Reality Is Only A Rorschach Ink-Blot, You Know: Lisa Choinacky at Co-Lab

by Margaret Meehan November 21, 2011

The final buzzer is about to ring and there is a very small window of time to go and see Reality Is Only A Rorschach Ink-Blot, You Know: Lisa Choinacky. This remounted exhibit, formerly seen at Box13 , is now on view at Co-Lab Project Space by appointment only through this Saturday November 26.

Reality Is Only A Rorschach Ink-Blot, You Know
is an installation that, on the surface, is filled with competitive female basketball players. Collectively however these women unfold, mirror and repeat, creating flowing, agile gestures in multiple interwoven patterns. Smartly referencing its title through a use of symmetry as well as black and white, the life sized diorama extends from one corner to another in such a way that the best vantage point is to stand on the opposite side of the gallery.  My biggest criticism would be that there is actually not enough room and one must navigate the cut outs and projectors. I do not think you are supposed to actually explore the piece from inside but instead view it more like a spectator looking down into the arena. For this reason the work is best seen with only one or two people in the space.

When looking at the projections each woman’s expression is focused and intense, capturing the mindset of competition. But the cumulative image is one of grace. The ensemble of players remind me of a Martha Graham performance, each dancer striving not so much against but in reaction to one another. A moment where the other recognizes themselves (ourselves) and realizes the last thing that they (we) want to do is to fail. The result is a display of the balance and counter balance that we all strive for each day when in opposition against the world.

photo: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times. Miki Orihara, left, and Yuko Giannakis of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

That said it’s worth your time to make the time, so email ([email protected]) and make an appointment today.

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