Diverseworks State Fair Offers Humorous, Low Budget Antidote to Art Fair Hype

by Bill Davenport September 8, 2011

In a witty retort to the commercialism of the upcoming Houston art Fairs, Houston’s Diverseworks Art Space is planning State Fair, an exhibition/event that curator Diane barber describes as “sensory overload”, “picture walking into the carnival midway at the rodeo at dusk.” This Friday from 6-9pm, 16 booths manned by artists playing the role of temporary carneys include Michael Crowder’s replica of a natural history museum’s butterfly collecting exhibit, Kia Neill’s imaginary geological site, Collapsed Grotto, and Josh Urban Davis’ John Stuart Mill Is Dead Pawn Shop. This is to be Barber’s last project with Diverseworks before she steps down as director to work on the Independent Arts Collaborative, a group of nonprofits working to raise an estimated $22 million to build a community arts complex on the Midtown block bounded by Francis, Travis, Holman and Main.

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