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NEW - USED - AMUSED the artwork of Anthony Dominguez

Webb Gallery

October 5 - November 16, 2014

Anthony Dominguez (1960-2014) attended TCU and painted the mural at the Northside Branch Library in 1986. In the early 1980's he was part of teacher Don Punchatz's Studio X in Dallas. One of his first art exhibits was at 500X before he left for New York City. In the late 80s, Anthony took to living on the streets of New York and developed a daily ritual of creating art in the public library. His artwork was exhibited in the first Outsider Art Fair in NYCity in the early 1990's and was also included in the inaugural exhibition of the Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, Maryland in 1998.


It’s Not a Circus without a BIG TOP

Paintings by Esther Pearl Watson (she of the autobiographical UFO paintings and drawings), as well as traditional signs by Norma Jean Maloney, reverse glass and […]

Holiday Cheer

Get on over to Waxahacie for a chance to see some new work just brought back from Ike E. Morgan and another chance to see […]

Peep Show

Bale Creek Allen, son of artist and musician Terry Allen, is a well known figure in the Texas Art World. Along with his sweet lady friend, Allison […]

Medicine Show Peddlers Sale

Bruce has been a’travelin!! He went on a big ole buying trip looking for great stuff throughout the Mid-west and the North-east; and HOT DAMN […]

Esther Pearl Watson: Hidden Behind The Stars

Autobiographical paintings about Watson’s wacky childhood growing up with a Father obsessed with the idea he could build a flying saucer and sell it to […]


Artwork by Tom Burleson, Ralph Pugay, Jackie Dunn Smith & Uncle Pete Drgac and new jewelry by Margaret Sullivan


A record album release and art show with Jad Fair, David Fair, Will Johnson, Tim Ker, and Dan Phillips in conjunction with Good Records Recordings

Texas Gothic

Photos by Bill Daniel & Dottie Love, drawings by William S. Burroughs, paintings  by Hector Alonzo Benavides, letterpress prints by Dirk Fowler, all emphasizing the […]

Super Secret Crush: Ladies Comix Art

Does a comic have to be in a grid? Can it be a paint by number? Or a video? At what point does comics become literature? […]

Campbell Bosworth: Plato o Plomo

Webb Gallery unleashes work by Campbell Bosworth in Plato o Plomo. The opening party kicks off grooves by Shoot Low Sheriff with drinks from Saint […]


Webb Gallery unleashes over eighty worked by Royal Robertson in the exhibition Vision Dream, on view beginning Sunday, February 20th from 4-8pm with music by […]

Dan H. Phillips: Early American / CW Block

Dan H. Phillips unleashes paintings, drawings, furniture, and installation works in the exhibition Early American at Webb Gallery. Phillips’s drawings are no stranger to Webb […]

Ike E. Morgan: You could say that

Webb Gallery brings the works of Ike E. Morgan to Waxahachie. Morgan started out painting portraits of presidents, such as George Washington, on dollar bills […]

Esther Pearl Watson: Space is the Place

Paintings of UFOs! In addition to 30 new works by Esther Pearl Watson, her large paintings and the huge sculpture of a flying saucer which […]

Domestic Animals

This show is the bomb!! Julian Wolkenstein‘s glamour shot style portraits of horses with fancy hairdos are fabulously absurd, as are Elaine Bradford‘s magical crocheted […]

Art of the Secret Society

Check out antique art and artifacts from Masonic and Odd Fellows Lodges, as well as paintings by Michel Nedjar.

When in Texas

When in Texas – act like a Texan features work by non-Texans who were inspired by the Lone Star State, including Esther Pearl Watson, Mark […]

94 Faces of Gordon Carver

After Carver recently passed away at the age of 92, 94 drawings of hairy faces of every expression were found covering his walls. It’s definitely […]

Higher Power

Webb Gallery offers up a poster show by some excellent poster and print artists from across the country (like Crosshair from Chicago, who made the […]

lo and behold

Work from Mike Miller (of Lo and Behold antiques), Tom Sale, the Rev. Johnnie Swearingen and L.T. Thomas.