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La Vie en Rose

The Art House Gallery / Hinovations Art Studio

February 6 - March 7, 2015

A group show of new works by Latin contemporary artists Jason Ray Perez, Ruby Avila, Fany Mares, Irma Garza-Garcia, Raquel Hinojosa, Magdalena Ramirez, Gaby Rico, Monica Ramirez & Sandra Urie interpreting "life through rose colored glasses." Also participating is photographer Charles Cecil with the exhibit, Venice In The Water.


Oaxaca, Chiapas y Tabasco

A collection of paintings and drawings by Mexican-born artists, including work by Jaime Lupercio, Gelasio Duenas, Raquel Lanz, Rafael Galdamez and Rosendo Pinacho.

Charles Cecil: Prague "Come Take a Peek"

At the opening reception, We Need Words presents “Beats on the Rio Grande,” A bunch of beatnicks reading Poetry! Visual Art and Jazzy Beats! 7 […]

Tuff Town: You Are Not the Father

Pop surrealism by Tuff Town, “a collaboration of like minded individuals with an unrealistic goal of world domination”.