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San Antonio



Wednesday,  11.29.17

Artist talk


Wednesday,  11.29.17   |   6–7:30 pm
A show featuring works from the Linda Pace Foundation's collection of contemporary art. The exhibition includes works by Chuck Ramirez, Hills Snyder, Frances Stark, Diana Thater and Cheyney Thompson. Rivane Neuenschwander’s room sized installation Secondary Stories will remain on view.
San Antonio  |  Linda Pace Foundation

Thursday,  11.30.17

Friday,  12.1.17

Saturday,  12.2.17

Mel Casas: Iconic Reality

October 18 through November 25, 2017
A show featuring works by artist Mel Casas. In addition to co-founding the San Antonio Artist Collective Con Safo, Casas was an educator and a proponent of Chicano art.
San Antonio |  Ruiz-Healy Art

Ángel Lartigue: La Ciencia Avanza Pero Yo No

November 3 through 26, 2017
A show of works by Houston-based artist Ángel Lartigue. "Concerned with the rapid advancements of modern scientific technologies, Lartigue creates interactive installations that transform the space into ritual environments often taking visual references from the history of popular science, art and religion." The show includes a performative element in which the artist collects DNA samples of visitors.This exhibition is presented as part of the Presa House Pop Up series.
San Antonio |  Fl!ght Gallery

Of Texas Rivers and Texas Art

September 2 through November 27, 2017
An exhibition showcasing the art by 20 contemporary Texas artists who create works inspired by the state’s landscape.
San Antonio |  Witte Museum

Loc Huynh: Politically Incoherent

November 10 through 30, 2017
A show of works by Lincoln, Nebraska-based artist Loc Huynh. In his cartoon-like style, Huynh uses exaggeration and caricature to comment on politics and contemporary society.
San Antonio |  Clamp Light Studios

210 After Penn

November 11 through 30, 2017
A show of photographs by Joshua Perez. Perez's series is influenced by Irving Penn's works in which Penn collected and photographed objects he found while walking in New York City.
San Antonio |  Revenant Gallery

Partners in Art

November 11 through December 2, 2017
A show featuring works that are informed by ideas of vigilance — and those who take justice into their own hands to change the world. The exhibition includes works by:asl Acidwinzip Ana-Belle Pepper Elias Vieyra Esther Quiara Eric Lee Fernando Lopez Kaldric Deshon Dow Jacinda Jackson Gilbert Martinez Mauro de la Tierra Sabrina Alfaro Albert Gonzales Caroline Adam
San Antonio |  Southtown Art Gallery

Mexican-American Perspectives 2017: My casa is your casa

September 15 through December 5, 2017
A show featuring invited artists of Mexican-American heritage. Participating artists include Cande Aguilar, Jorge Alegria, Fernando Andrade, Jerry Cobarruvias, Amorette V. Garza, Sandra Gonzalez, Nola Guajardo, Ben Herrera, Gerald Lopez, Jimmy Pena, Joe Pena, Rolando Reyna, Ricardo Ruiz, Mauricio Saenz, Ashley Thomas, Nora Verdin and Mayra Zamora.

Todd Wascher: Are They Alive?

November 11 through December 5, 2017
A show of works by San Antonio artist and architect Todd Wascher. "Drawing on the influences of South Texas culture, science fiction, and graffiti and working with wood, ink, acrylic, and colored pencil Wascher proposes a world where the melding of mechanical and organic is less contentious than whimsical, witty, graceful and beautiful."
San Antonio |  Freight Gallery & Studios

Jennifer Ling Datchuk: Girl You Can

October 26 through December 9, 2017
A show of works by San Antonio artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk. The pieces in the exhibition are based on Datchuk's residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, in Berlin, Germany and deal with issues of race and identity from the perspective of being biracial.
San Antonio |  Trinity University Gallery

Jason Stout: Into a Birdless Sky

November 4 through December 15, 2017
A show of paintings and drawings by artist Jason Stout. The pieces in the exhibition deal with ideas of "conflict and turbulence, both domestic and abroad."
San Antonio |  REM gallery

Abel Ortiz-Acosta: ENTROPIA

September 16 through December 16, 2017
A show of works by Uvalde-based artist, Abel Ortiz-Acosta. The pieces in the exhibition explore themes of entropy, deterioration, diffusion and disorder.
San Antonio |  Leal Art Gallery

Icons and Symbols of the Borderland

July 13 through December 17, 2017
An exhibition featuring 25 artists who create works informed by their relationships with the US/Mexico border. Artists in the show include: Ricky Armendáriz, Nanobah Becker, Antonio Castro, Mark Clark, David DeWitt, Socorro Diamonstein, Leticia Diaz, Gaspar Enríquez, Priscilla Garcia-Franzoni, Chris Grijalva-García, Wayne Hilton, Romy Sáenz Hawkins, Wopo Holup, Benito Huerta, Ilana Lapid, Lydia Limas, Cesar Martínez, Diana Molina, Delilah Montoya, Oscar Moya, José Rivera, Roberto Salas, Victoria Suescum, Miguel Valenzuela, and Andy Villarreal.
San Antonio |  Centro de Artes

$t@t U.S.?: Prints from Puerto Rico to San Antonio

October 23 through December 17, 2017
"This exhibition highlights serigraphs from Puerto Rico produced from the 1950s to the present alongside contemporary prints in a variety of print media from San Antonio artists." The show is curated by UTSA Associate Professor Dr. Teresa Eckmann.
San Antonio |  Centro de Artes

Across Borders: Crosscurrents in American Art

October 26 through December 24, 2017
Across Borders: Crosscurrents in American Art "highlights common trends in the arts of Mexico and the U.S., from the social realism of Marion Greenwood and José Clemente Orozco, through the international modernism of Alice Mason and Gunther Gerszo, to the multifaceted world of contemporary art, in which successful artists such as photographer Graciela Iturbide are able to work and exhibit all over the world."
San Antonio |  McNay Art Museum

The Political Seducer's Diary

November 4 through December 29, 2017
An Instagram-based exhibition organized by Performance Art Houston. The show is curated by Jeanette Joy Harris and features week-long performance by:VINCENT CAMPOS (FR) 4 – 10 NOV BROOKE LEIGH (AU) 11 – 17 NOV STEVEN MARTZ (UK) 18 – 24 NOV JEANETTE JOY HARRIS (US) 25 NOV – 1 DEC RYDER RICHARDS (US) 2 – 8 DEC DANIEL CABALLERO (US) 9 – 15 DEC KATYA PETETSKAYA (AU) 16 – 22 DEC YOSHIE SAKAI (US) 23 – 29 DEC

Art in the Garden: George Tobolowsky

February 23 through December 31, 2017
An exhibition of sculptures by Mountain Springs, Texas-based artist George Tobolowsky. Created from found objects and castoff pieces of metal, the works are created to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

LIFT: an Exhibition of Kites

September 21 through December 31, 2017
"LIFT focuses on the kite as an artistic vehicle. The exhibition includes the work of 28 artists from around the world, including 12 San Antonio artists." The exhibition is curated and produced by Bridge Projects, and Artpace San Antonio.San Antonio artists include: Richard Armendariz Justin Boyd James Canales Megan Harrison Jennifer Khoshbin Ashley Mireles Ansen Seale Molly Sherman Hiromi Stringer Ryan Takaba Holly Veselka Jason Willome
San Antonio |  Artpace

Stage Frights: Madness, Monsters, Mayhem

September 28 through December 31, 2017
"Stage Frights features scene and costume designs for plays, operas, and ballets by writers and composers—from Shakespeare to Lorca to Anne Rice’s adaptations; from Wagner to Stravinsky to Scott Joplin."
San Antonio |  McNay Art Museum

Digital Darkroom from the Annenberg Foundation

September 22 through December 31, 2017
"This exhibition, from the Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, California includes work from 17 artists that explore the intersection of art and technology. These artists are masters of different types of digital techniques, such as compositing highly layered imagery, working in 3D and lenticular imaging, meticulously stitching together images, using lighting in highly inventive ways, and much more."
Corpus Christi |  Art Museum of South Texas

International Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

November 9 through December 31, 2017
A show featuring works by Artpace's Fall 2017 residents: Lili Reynaud-Dewar. (Grenoble, France/Geneva, Switzerland), Heyd Fontenot (Dallas, TX), and Martha Wilson (New York, NY). This round of artists was curated by Michael Smith, Professor of Transmedia at The University of Texas at Austin.
San Antonio |  Artpace

Chuck Ramirez: All This and Heaven Too

September 14, 2017 through January 14, 2018
A survey of works by San Antonio artist Chuck Ramirez (1962-2010). "Ramirez’s large-scale photographs of everyday objects offer a humorous yet poignant perspective on our culture of consumption and waste, and the reality of fleeting life and mortality. Ramirez was inspired by opposing themes—life/death and humor/despair—and incorporates hints of his work as a graphic designer at Texas supermarket giant HEB." His work also draws on his personal narrative, including his San Antonio upbringing, Mexican-American heritage, and his HIV status.
San Antonio |  McNay Art Museum

Home Bodies

October 5, 2017 through January 21, 2018
"Home Bodies features artists whose practice and work are informed by and melded with family life. Through differing approaches the 11 artists explore our shared experiences as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, siblings, and protectors." The show includes works by Ivonne Acero, Lenka Clayton, Catherine Colangelo, Karina Etcheverry Roberto, Casey Arguelles Gregory, Las Hermanas Iglesias, Courtney Kessel, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, and Barry Stone.


October 5, 2017 through January 21, 2018
A show featuring works by Arianna Canon, Lulu Castillo, Gabriella Fleming, Laura Gonzalez, Rachel Kamata, Raul Lopez, Bella Sierra Martinez, Elisie Martinez, Jaylah Martinez, Luis Mejia, Madison Muñoz, Zoe Palacios, Zoe Reyes, Joey Rivera, Victoria Rodriguez, Elizabeth Samuel, Joslyn Sandoval, and and Roma Sandoval.


September 8, 2017 through January 27, 2018
A show featuring works from the Linda Pace Foundation's collection of contemporary art. The exhibition includes works by Chuck Ramirez, Hills Snyder, Frances Stark, Diana Thater and Cheyney Thompson. Rivane Neuenschwander’s room sized installation Secondary Stories will remain on view.
San Antonio |  Linda Pace Foundation

Alejandro Diaz

September 18, 2017 through February 10, 2018
A show of works by NYC-based artist Alejandro Diaz. Diaz is originally from San Antonio and creates works that explore the culture of South Texas and Mexico.

Blanco Sculpture Trail

April 29, 2017 through April 30, 2018
A sculpture trail organized by the Blanco Visitors Bureau and juried by Lee Ann Whatley. The trail features works by Peter Mangan, Danville Chadbourne, Cat Quintanilla, and Jeffie Brewer.
Blanco |  Bindseil Park
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