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San Antonio



Sterling Allen: Shadowy & Still

April 30 through June 4, 2016
An exhibition of works by Sterling Allen. In this show, the artist is continuing his exploration of how three-dimensional objects operate under the influence of photography.
San Antonio |  Sala Diaz

Untitled x 3

May 6 through June 11, 2016
An exhibition featuring non-representational abstract paintings and ceramic sculptures by Tim Beard, Jennifer Boecking, and Eric Owen.
San Antonio |  Gallery 20/20


May 14 through June 12, 2016
Border-land is a collaboration between the International School of the Americas and Borderland Collective. The show comments on issues of migration between the US and Mexico.
San Antonio |  S.M.A.R.T. Project Space

Pedro Friedeberg: Praise of Folly

April 27 through June 18, 2016

An exhibition of mixed media works by internationally acclaimed artist Pedro Friedeberg. Praise of Folly features a diverse range of works including sculptures and prints.

San Antonio |  Ruiz-Healy Art

Roberto Gonzalez: Sacred Waters

March 26 through June 19, 2016
An exhibition of paintings by Roberto Gonzalez. The works in the show depict "pre-Columbian imagery as experienced through dreams and visions inspired by Jungian psychological theory."


April 26 through June 24, 2016
For Second Saturday at Freight Gallery, artists Katie Kehoe and Jen Frost Smith use found materials to create a pier installation that will function as a platform for interaction and reflection.Pier / Platforms is a touring social sculpture for which Kehoe is traveling throughout the Southwest for sixty days, stopping in places that range from small towns and desert landscapes to large urban centers, and working with people locally to collect used / waste materials and build temporary PIERS.
San Antonio |  Freight Gallery & Studios

Daniel Maldonado Jr.: The Neighborhood

May 7 through July 1, 2016
An exhibition of abstract wood cuts and portraits by San Antonio-based artist Daniel Maldonado Jr. The artist is influenced by the graffiti and Chicano cultures present in San Antonio.
San Antonio |  REM gallery


May 12 through July 21, 2016
An exhibition connecting artists inspiring one another. Evolving from a previous exhibition at the gallery, the show includes works by Christie Blizard, Justin Boyd, Craig Dongoski, Ethan Gonzalez, Halina Haider, Benjamin McVey, Steve Reynolds, Fred Sandback, and Hiromi Stringer.
San Antonio |  Cinnabar

Rivane Neuenschwander: Secondary Stories

April 30 through July 29, 2016
The Texas debut of Secondary Stories, a room-sized installation by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander. The artist's works address "language, nature, social interactions and the passing of time."
San Antonio |  Linda Pace Foundation

Liz Shepherd

May 12 through August 28, 2016
An installation by sculptor and printmaker Liz Shepherd.
San Antonio |  Artpace
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