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Rising Eyes of Texas

Rockport Center for the Arts

Last Chance - March 14 through April 4, 2015

This 8th annual Rising Eyes of Texas show brings 34 emerging artists from 12 university graduate and undergraduate visual arts programs across the state, juried by Shea Little, co-founder of the East Austin Studio Tour.

James Cobb: Tooky Jelly

Sala Diaz

Last Chance - March 6 through April 5, 2015

A show of San Antonio artist James Cobb’s recent works created digitally and printed on metal.

Megan Brown: Open Spaces

AP Art Lab

March 14 through April 13, 2015

A solo show of works on paper by San Antonio-based artist, Megan Brown, using ink, graphite, and gel pen.

Dixie Friend-Gay: Evolution of Public Projects

Beeville Art Museum

January 24 through April 24, 2015

Houston-based artist Dixie Friend-Gay is best-known for her large-scale public installations. Proposal boards, preliminary drawings, and original paintings from several of her past and current projects provide an in-depth look at the process of creating public works for airports, metro stations, and public parks.

Margaret Craig: Ocean Harvest

REM gallery

March 7 through April 24, 2015

An exhibition of work by artist Margaret Craig, featuring her "Floater Orchid" made from plastic bottles. Having studied biology as well as art, Craig’s work contemplates our impacts on nature.

Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe

Epitome Institute

March 14 through April 25, 2015

A series of collaborations between artists Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, “Necrotic Black Black Swimming Pool With A Heavy Mossy Surface Film” is inspired by the writings of Philip K. Dick, the Kübler-Ross model, ghosting, Henri Bergson’s concept of duration, and a grocery store lobster tank.

World War II in Photographs: Looking Back

McNay Art Museum

January 13 through May 10, 2015

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, this exhibition of both iconic and lesser-known photographs of war efforts includes work by Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstadt, and Carl Mydans, and features documentation of the “Monuments Men” who rescued art stolen by the Nazis.

Back From Berlin

Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

March 5 through May 10, 2015

As part of Blue Star’s Berlin Residency Program, artists Ricky Armendariz, Vincent Valdez, Cathy Cunningham-Little, and Karen Mahaffy each lived and worked in Germany for three months. This exhibition features works made by each either during or since their residencies.

Rodin to Warhol: 60th Anniversary Gifts and Acquisitions

McNay Art Museum

February 18 through May 17, 2015

A diverse selection of art works–gifts and acquisitions that have helped to shape and expand the museum’s collection. Includes a range of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, scene and costume designs, and decorative works–most of which have not previously been exhibited.

Regarding Ruscha

McNay Art Museum

January 21 through May 17, 2015

A number of contemporary San Antonio artists have created prints and drawings that speak to the lasting influence of artist Ed Ruscha, and perhaps relate directly to the Ruscha prints in the McNay collection.

Autumn Knight / Oscar Murillo / Henry Taylor


March 19 through May 17, 2015

An exhibition of new works by Spring 2015 artists-in-residence Autumn Knight (Houston, Texas), Henry Taylor (Los Angeles), and Oscar Murillo La Paila (Colombia/London), selected by this round’s guest curator, Cesar Garcia.

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