February 18: Artists Talks in Houston & 20+ Openings in Dallas

We recommend in San Antonio :

San Antonio



Thursday,  2.23.17


Art in the Garden: George Tobolowsky

Thursday,  2.23.17   |   5:30–7 pm
An exhibition of sculptures by Mountain Springs, Texas-based artist George Tobolowsky. Created from found objects and castoff pieces of metal, the works are created to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
San Antonio  |  San Antonio Botanical Garden

Friday,  2.24.17

Thursday,  3.2.17


Wesley Harvey: Pretty Hurts

Thursday,  3.2.17   |   6–9 pm
An exhibition of ceramic sculptures and works on paper by Wesley Harvey. The works in the show draw largely from Queer Theory and explore the ideas of deviance and perfection associated with homosexuality.
San Antonio  |  Hello Studio

Elizabeth Carrington: SKINS

Thursday,  3.2.17   |   6–9 pm
A show of paintings by Elizabeth Carrington. The works use bright colors that allude to Pop artists and attempt to criticize our contemporary culture.
San Antonio  |  Mercury Project

Things We Used To Know

Thursday,  3.2.17   |   6–9 pm
An exhibition that came about as the result of the similarities of five artists' practices. Featuring works by Ariel Lavery, Christopher M. Lavery, Matthew Weedman, Jason Pearce Willome and Ethan Worden.
San Antonio  |  UTSA Terminal 136

Friday,  3.3.17


Fine Print

Friday,  3.3.17   |   6–8 pm
An exhibition presented by the Mini Art Museum. Featuring works by:Cynthia Emma Alderete Sabrina Alfaro Linda Arredondo Kim Bishop Lisette Chávez Danielle Cunningham (DC) Jennifer Ling Datchuk Janet Flohr Michael Menchaca Amada Claire Miller Sable Mirelez Anthony Rundblade Michael Stoltz Hiromi Tsuji Stringer Luis Valderas Rikkianne Van Kirk Art - Illustration
San Antonio  |  Hotel Emma

CAMx (Miami): Color Cycle

Friday,  3.3.17   |   7–10 pm
This year, CAM has participated in an artist exchange with Miami's Laundromat Art Space. Artists in this show include:Andre Martinez Bianca Pratorius Christin Paige Minnotte David McCauley Jean-Paul Mallozzi Marina Gonella Michael Williams Pablo Contrisciani Ronald Sanchez
San Antonio  |  Rubio Gallery-South

Friday,  3.10.17

Sunday,  3.19.17


Diverse Views

Sunday,  3.19.17   |   12–4 pm
For its grand opening exhibition, Trebla Art Gallery wants to showcase a diverse group of artist from different view points of life and of the world.
San Antonio  |  Trebla Art Gallery

Friday,  3.31.17


Fine Print

Friday,  3.31.17   |   6–8 pm
An exhibition presented by the Mini Art Museum. Featuring works by:Cynthia Emma Alderete Sabrina Alfaro Linda Arredondo Kim Bishop Lisette Chávez Danielle Cunningham (DC) Jennifer Ling Datchuk Janet Flohr Michael Menchaca Amada Claire Miller Sable Mirelez Anthony Rundblade Michael Stoltz Hiromi Tsuji Stringer Luis Valderas Rikkianne Van Kirk Art - Illustration
San Antonio  |  Hotel Emma

On the Curve

January 25 through February 25, 2017
A group exhibition featuring eight artists who "delve into curvilinear shapes and forms with a bold intellectual and playful practice using art history as an impetus." Artists include Constance Lowe, Jesse Amado, Andrés Ferrandis, Nicolás Leiva, Nate Cassie, Laura Anderson Barbata, Ricky Armendariz and Ethel Shipton.
San Antonio |  Ruiz-Healy Art

Verena Gaudy: Love More – Hate Less / Patricia Guerrero: Elegy / Ashley Mireles: Seven Scenes

February 3 through 25, 2017
Love more – Hate Less showcases a selection of contemporary, political and socially-driven ceramic works by artist Verena Gaudy.Elegy is a collection of expressive oil paintings by Patricia Guerrero that explores the idea of childhood memories that are often lost or incomplete.Ashley Mireles' Seven Scenes constructs illustrative narratives based on her environment as well as concerns that at times include all or no relationship to identity, love, and extraterrestrials.
San Antonio |  Presa House

Seven Ceramic Artists

January 19 through February 26, 2017
An exhibition featuring works by ceramic artists Susan Budge, Jeff Forster, Verne Funk, Pat Johnson, Wendan Lin, James Watkins, and Tracye Wear.
Victoria |  Nave Museum

Jenelle Esparza: LUCRE

February 11 through 26, 2017
"In a continuation of Jenelle Esparza’s work with cotton, Lucre will be comprised of approximately 250 pieces of handmade cotton paper money, various found objects, and graphite drawings. The focus of this installation is the fiber itself, the hands it passes through, and the money that passes in all directions."
San Antonio |  Provenance Gallery

Ana Hdz-Burwell: Adults

January 14 through March 4, 2017
An exhibition of works by Ana Hdz-Burwell. The artist on their work: "In these pieces I am exploring individual identity with the use of cross-cultural ideas with an emphasis on the exploration of the inner self."
San Antonio |  Dorćol Distilling Company

Sandra Mack-Valencia: Ordinary Queens

February 9 through March 4, 2017
Through Ordinary Queens, New York artist Sandra Mack-Valencia aims to make "a bold statement where everyday women are elevated to royal status to highlight the driving force of their presence in the world."
San Antonio |  AnArte Gallery

15 of 58 Print all In new window William Sarradet's Virtual Conference 2017

February 1 through April 1, 2017
A new media happening. For more details: http://18007892228.com/Call: 800 789 2228 to access virtual convenings on three different singularities:Press 1 for Hydrology Press 2 for Material Press 3 for FinanceTo return to the main menu, press #Virtual Conference 2017 by William Sarradet An informal speculation conference on the future of hydrology, material and finance. in association with the society of something.The Virtual Conference will conclude with a private presentation on the subject of SaaS products and their role in New Media art. An invitational event set for Spring is forthcoming.Speakers: -Morehshin Allahyhari and Sam Robinson with Patrick Romeo -Carolyn Sortor and Marcos Yturri -Peter Fend

AJ Rodriguez: Figuras

January 13 through April 14, 2017
An exhibition of works by San Antonio native AJ Rodriguez. The works in the show draw attention "to mostly unnoticed or (taken for granted) beauty, and this time, specifically spotlighting the human form."
San Antonio |  Radius Center

Art in the Garden: Scattering Screen

June 30, 2016 through April 30, 2017
An installation by Brooklyn-based artist Alyson Shotz. Shotz's site-specific installation Scattering Screen encourages visitors to interact with the garden and notice particularities in the garden's landscape.

Benjamin McVey: Open

January 26 through April 30, 2017
For Open, San Antonio artist Benjamin McVey will use Artpace's gallery space as his painting studio.
San Antonio |  Artpace

Guild Hall: Adventures in the Arts, Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY

January 27 through April 30, 2017
A show of works from the Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton, New York. The show includes 73 works by 40 artists, including, among others, John Chamberlain, Chuck Close, Willem de Kooning Elaine de Kooning, Adolph Gottlieb, Robert Gwatheny, Childe Hassam, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, William King, Donald Lipski, Thonas Moran, Robert Motherwell, Hans Namuth, Larry Rivers, David Salle, Alan Shields, Moses Soyer, Raphael Soyer, Saul Steinberg, Donald Sultan, and Lemuel Maynard Wiles.
Corpus Christi |  Art Museum of South Texas


February 2 through May 7, 2017
An exhibition in celebration of Blue Star's 30th birthday. The artists in the show were asked to respond to an artwork from Blue Star's first exhibition. However, they were only given the title and description details of the work. Artists in this show include: David Almaguer, Joe Harjo, Jennifer Khoshbin, Michele Monseau, Andrei Renteria, Rainey Rabbit, Anthony Rundblade, and Ed Saavedra.

Jessica Halonen: The Blue Hour (A clock stopped)

February 2 through May 7, 2017
"The Blue Hour (A clock stopped), investigates the historical intersection between art and science through the exploration of the pigment Prussian blue." The show will feature paintings and sculptures that aim to tap into our cultural and social associations with the color blue.


February 2 through May 7, 2017
An exhibition of Julia Barbosa Landois' M*dres silkscreen print series. The pieces in the show examine how "gendered language reflects and structures our political and cultural attitudes towards women."

John Steck Jr.: Turning Memory

February 2 through May 7, 2017
A show of works by John Steck Jr. The exhibition will feature photographs from Steck's Lament (Disappearing photographs) series in which he creates images that retain their sensitivity to light. Ultimately, his images disappear completely from his photographs.

Rivane Neuenschwander: Secondary Stories

April 30, 2016 through July 29, 2017
The Texas debut of Secondary Stories, a room-sized installation by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander. The artist's works address "language, nature, social interactions and the passing of time."
San Antonio |  Linda Pace Foundation
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