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Thursday, July 31


Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting

McNay Art Museum

June 11 through August 17, 2014

13 emerging and mid-career abstract painters whose art is characterized in whole or part by high-key color, obsessive layering of surface imagery, use of overall and repeated patterns, stylized motifs, fragments of representation, and a tension between melancholy and the sublime. Including works by Jose Alvarez D.O.P.A, Ryan McGinness, Kamrooz Aram, Beatriz Milhazes, Charles Burwell, Jiha Moon, Annette Davidek, Paul Henry Ramirez, Fausto Fernandez, Rex Ray, Nancy Lorenz, Rosalyn Schwartz and Susan Chrysler White.


Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

July 11 through October 11, 2014

A group show exploring globalization and the notion of flatness, via artists of the Americas. (Psst: guys, somebody for sure a really long time ago proved that the earth is round, but, you know. We like flat screen TVs too.) Featuring works by Carlos Aires (Málaga, Spain), Mark Hogensen (San Antonio), Leigh Anne Lester (San Antonio), Rigoberto Luna (San Antonio), Cisco Merel (Panama City, Panama), Ann-Michele Morales (San Luis Potosí, Mexico), Ricardo Rendón (Mexico City), Ansen Seale (San Antonio), Xochi Solis (Austin) and Jason Villegas (Houston).

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