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Kasey Short: 5 Plus Hearts

Big Medium

July 12 through August 8, 2014

Stadium bleachers and video-as-human-subconscious, all informed by the notion of "Divine Sarcasm, which is a representation of good and evil within American Institutions." Does the Divine Sarcasm wear glasses to look smart?

Advanced Young Artists: Teen Artist + Mentor Exhibition

Pump Project Art Complex

July 12 through August 9, 2014

This project by The Contemporary Austin pairs 10 professional artist-mentors with 10 high school art students. This exhibition is the culminating experience, featuring work by all 20 artists. 2014 TEEN ARTISTS AND MENTORS Jacob Cassity + Dave Culpepper Rodolfo Cortinas + Michael Anthony García Megan Rhoby Dale + Alyssa Taylor Wendt Raul Delgadillo + Johnny Villarreal Kimberly De Loera + Lindsay Palmer Miah Diaz + Virginia Fleck Victor Franco + Chris Holloway Anabel Gomez + Lauren Klotzman Miranda Obregon + Jenna Lynne Foster Karla Ramirez + Jessica Mathews

Goodly/Wicked: The Crit Group 2014 Exhibition

grayduck gallery

July 19 through August 10, 2014

The culminating exhibition of The Contemporary's inaugural 2014, a six-month program that combines group critique with professional development to emerging artists in the Austin area. Congrats to 2014 Crit Group artists Jeana Baumgardner, Bug Davidson, Robert Jackson Harrington, H I X X Collective, Katy Horan, Masumi Kataoka, Olivia Moore and Teruko Nimura!


Northern-Southern LLC

June 21 through August 15, 2014

A show of writing, lettering, typography, and/or art by 34 graphic designers, artists, poets, and/or writers.

Between Mountains and Sea: Arts of the Ancient Andes

Blanton Museum of Art

February 1 through August 17, 2014

The Blanton and the Department of Art and Art History at UTAustin, present a selection of objects about the lifestyle, technological achievements, and ideology of pre-Inka cultures featuring 80  works drawn mostly from the University’s collections with loans from the Dallas Museum of Art. Objects range from woven textiles to painted ceramic vessels and modeled effigies.

A Secret Affair: Selections from The Fuhrman Family Collection

The Contemporary Austin

May 3 through August 24, 2014

An exhibition featuring work from the collection of Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman, curated by executive director Louis Grachos with Danielle Nieciag. Featuring: Louise Bourgeois, Maurizio Cattelan, Robert Gober, Felix Gonzalez-Torres,  David Hammons, Jim Hodges, Juan Muñoz, Charles Ray, Thomas Schütte, Kiki Smith and many others.  

In the Company of Cats and Dogs

Blanton Museum of Art

June 22 through September 21, 2014

An exhibition of over 160 works that examine our relationship with felines and canines through the ages. Look for Dürer, Fragonard, William Blake, Goya, Gauguin, Picasso, Cartier-Bresson, Hopper, Bourgeois and others!

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