Two Large-Scale Ai Weiwei Sculptures Come to Austin this Summer

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Friday,  5.26.17


Salvador Dalí

Friday,  5.26.17   |   7–9 pm
An exhibition of prints by Salvador Dalí.
AUSTIN  |  ART on 5th

Saturday,  5.27.17


Salvador Dalí

Saturday,  5.27.17   |   7–9 pm
An exhibition of prints by Salvador Dalí.
AUSTIN  |  ART on 5th

Thursday,  6.1.17

Artist talk

Diana Greenberg

Thursday,  6.1.17   |   6–8 pm
A show of paintings by Diana Greenberg. The works combine patterns from nature and figures into abstracted color field studies
Austin  |  Wally Workman Gallery

Saturday,  6.3.17


Diana Greenberg

Saturday,  6.3.17   |   6–8 pm
A show of paintings by Diana Greenberg. The works combine patterns from nature and figures into abstracted color field studies
Austin  |  Wally Workman Gallery

Friday,  6.9.17


Jim Dougherty: A Retrospective

Friday,  6.9.17   |   5:30–8 pm
An exhibition of black and white selenium-toned gelatin silver prints by photographer Jim Dougherty.
AUSTIN  |  Link & Pin

Friday,  6.30.17

Friday,  7.28.17

Friday,  8.25.17

Friday,  9.29.17

Lucas Simões: White Lies

April 8 through May 27, 2017
An exhibition of sculptures by São Paulo-based artist Lucas Simões. The multimedia works in the show stand without internal supports or glue—they are held together only by gravity and live in a liminal state of stability.

Ben Durham: John

April 8 through May 27, 2017
A show of new works on paper by Ben Durham. The three large-scale drawings in the exhibition take their imagery from a single Department of Corrections mugshot.

Constructed Atopia: Heather Parrish

April 21 through June 3, 2017
An exhibition of prints and video works by Heather Parrish. The pieces in the show explore our desire to establish a sense of place and belonging within the world around us.
Austin |  Flatbed Press

Structural Utopia: Ann Conner

April 21 through June 3, 2017
A show of works by artist Ann Conner. The exhibition will include four new woodcuts Conner created with Flatbed. These pieces employ star-shaped patterns and bright colors that allude to animated films.
Austin |  Flatbed Press

End of the Whirld

April 28 through June 3, 2017
An exhibition featuring four artists who create work that is critical of Western culture. The show will include drawings, collage, photography, sculpture, and installations by Mike Calway-Fagen, Ted Carey, Robert Melton, and E. Schwinn.
Austin |  Mass Gallery

Robert Collier Beam: Scry

May 5 through June 3, 2017
An exhibition of works by Austin-based artist Robert Collier Beam. The art in the show was made in Finland, along the southern coast of England and in West Texas as a response to and examination of our presence within landscapes.

Abby Bagby: Kingdom

April 29 through June 8, 2017
An exhibition of new wearable hair sculptures by Abby Bagby. The pieces in the exhibition question "societal and personal understandings of feminism, ambition, and beauty through the lens of women's fashion."
Austin |  Women & Their Work

Nina Katchadourian: Curiouser

March 12 through June 11, 2017
A survey of works by Brooklyn-based artist Nina Katchadourian. The show draws from ten bodies of work by the artist and includes video, photography, sculpture, sound art, and a live performance.

Collectors Show

May 20 through June 18, 2017
An exhibition celebrating local collectors that support artists in Austin. The works in the show come from the collections of: Ann Berman & Shawn Smith, Mike Chesser, Anastasia & Jay Colombo, Donlad R. Mullins, Shalini Ramanathan & Chris Tomlinson, and Elisa & Joel Sumner.
Austin |  grayduck gallery

Stories to Tell: Selections from the Harry Ransom Center

February 6 through July 16, 2017
An exhibition of items from the HRC's cultural collections. The show will feature "more than 250 items including, among many others, manuscripts of David Foster Wallace, Julia Alvarez, and Gabriel García Márquez, Henri Matisse's Jazz, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's spirit photographs, and the hat that accompanied the green curtain dress worn by Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind."
Austin |  Harry Ransom Center

Rebecca Rothfus Harrell: Atlas

May 20 through July 22, 2017
A show of works by Rebecca Rothfus Harrell. The pieces in the exhibition explore the natural world and stem from the artist's fascination with rock and crystal formations.
Austin |  CAMIBAart

Nobody’s Darling: Women and Representation

May 3 through August 11, 2017
Nobody’s Darling: Women and Representation brings together two exhibitions in the Christian-Green Gallery: Nobody’s Darling: New Works by Deborah Roberts and Askance Reply: Selections from the Brandywine Print Archive and the Christian-Green Collection.Based in Austin, Deborah Roberts has been engaging issues of beauty, race, and women’s bodies for the past twenty years. Askance Reply includes works by artists Elizabeth Catlett, Camille Billops, Faith Ringgold, Andrea Chung, and others.

Garth Weiser: Paintings, 2008-2017

April 2 through August 22, 2017
The first monographic museum survey of works by American painter Garth Weiser. Drawing on the cannon of abstract art, Weiser's recent paintings attempt to rebuke technology in that they are difficult to capture in a photograph.

Mark Lewis: Galveston

April 2 through August 22, 2017
London-based artist Mark Lewis makes short, non-narrative films that closely consider the modern urban environment. The Contemporary Austin commissioned Lewis to create a new film that examines the city of Galveston, focusing on its architecture.

Blanco Sculpture Trail

April 29, 2017 through April 30, 2018
A sculpture trail organized by the Blanco Visitors Bureau and juried by Lee Ann Whatley. The trail features works by Peter Mangan, Danville Chadbourne, Cat Quintanilla, and Jeffie Brewer.
Blanco |  Bindseil Park
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