Panel Discussion: Beyond Abstraction Recent Works by Six North Texas Artists

June 9, 2013 | 2–3:30 pm

McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC)

3120 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204 Get directions


Join David McCullough, David A. Dreyer, Vincent Falsetta, Michael Osbaldeston, and Ricardo Paniagua for a panel discussion about their recent exhibition, Beyond Abstraction: Recent Works by Six North Texas Artists.

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One response to “Panel Discussion: Beyond Abstraction Recent Works by Six North Texas Artists”

  1. BEYOND ABSTRACTION, curated by David McCullough, is a strong exhibit. The dynamic is complex: six abstract artists press further into the abstract realm by taking on new materials and forms as means to refer to the changing aspects and moods of a familiar terrain: the North Texas landscape, it’s people, and the sky. Ambitious, yes. And yet specific goals seem to underlie each piece: take time; be curious; do right. The skill and patience of each artist is evident. Labor and time are seriously considered. And so is delight. Alluring patterns, cutouts, layers of paint, and special casting refer to civilization and technology. At the same time, these materials hold the capacity to indicate more ethereal, intangible constructs. McCullough’s QUANTA: “WHITCHI-TI-TO” is like a strange bird out of mythology. It is just about the height and shape of a livestock bird, such as an ostrich or an emu. It’s “otherness” would back you up if it were ranging. It’s creatureliness refers to nature’s renewable capacity for surprise.

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