Neill, Obenour, Sloan, Toppin, Day, and Ordonez

Neill, Obenour, Sloan, Toppin, Day, and Ordonez

July 18 - August 20, 2009

BOX 13 ArtSpace

6700 Harrisburg Blvd., Houston, TX 77001 Get directions

BOX 13 presents four exhibitions featuring Houston artists. In the downstairs Front Box is a group show titled Enchantment curated by Rachel Hooper, in which the natural landscape is reimagined by Kia Neill, Lauren Obenour, and Emily Sloan. In the downstairs Back Box, Oneself by oneself, displays an abstract self portrait in progress by Stephanie Toppin. In the Upstairs Box, the exhibition Zen and the Indulgence of Environmental Destruction, by artist Anthony Day (shown), presents an installation of sculptures and paintings featuring brightly colored totems and other objects of meditation. In the Window Box, Box 13 member Fidel Ordonez presents Objects of Desire, a representation that is based on the most precious organ, the heart.

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