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The Secret Society of Performance Art


Shriners. Photo courtesy of the Denver Public Library via BU.edu

The Secret Group in downtown Houston is hosting a bunch of performance art tomorrow night May 1. The first, the NeoBenshi collective is meant to be “educational” video and performance with a number of artists. The collective describe its inspiration:

During the silent film era in #Japan (1920’s, 1930’s), the #benshi performers stood to the side of the movie screen and introduced and related the story to the audience. In theatrical style, benshi often spoke for the characters on-screen and played multiple roles. Stemming from the traditions of #kabuki and #Noh theaters, the benshi’s narration and general commentary were an important part of the Japanese silent film experience. The benshi would also provide translation for foreign (mostly American) movies.

The second round of performance, “Trash Flavored Trash: Trashed Stand Up for Trash People,” is billed as comedic.

The Secret Group is really a bar and a weirdo art venue, but tomorrow night seems like a good time to check it out.

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