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Motorcycles (Again)=Art?

Photo: The Dallas Morning News via AP David Woo

Two decades ago, New York’s Guggenheim Museum opened an exhibition called “The Art of the Motorcycle,” which some considered to be a flashy sell-out show that had little do with art. Soon (April 11), Dallas will have its own motorcycle museum, the Hass Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery, to be called “The Haas,“ reports The Kansas City Star. Good luck with that nickname; it will be referred to as the “motorcycle museum.”

Dallas financier Bobby Haas was terrified of motorcycles until recently, when he forced himself to get over his fear. Nearly half his collection was bought in the past year. The gallery will include historical bikes, custom bikes, as well as metal sculptures inspired by bikes available for purchase.

Haas states, “More often than not, a stunning motorcycle speaks to me is if it were a sculpture…and sometimes, a sculpture whispers the word ‘moto’ in my ear.”

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