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Video: Top Ten Artists in Texas!

As a special feature of our 15th Anniversary week, Rainey Knudson and Christina Rees run down the Top Ten Artists in Texas.


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  1. Colette

    As a still relatively newbie Texan, this was great, because you all have introduced me to a few fab artists who I didn’t know about. I dare anyone to say that Texas doesn’t have great artists. There is so much going on. Happy to be part of the community.

  2. Mary1_

    art guys are the Fab artist in Texas. I love Trenton. (!!!)
    Hubbard & Birchler, Holes
    by Hubbard & Birchler…Fantastic!!!
    the others…snyder, graybill.. not sure why anyone would
    choose them.(?) There are so, so, so many great,great people making work in Texas today.
    Glass Tire, You have failed … also. btw, UT is a funky place to do a top 5. just sayin.

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