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Scared to Death! Funeral Museum Gets into the Halloween Spirit

funeral_museumHouston’s National Museum of Funeral History is opening its exhibition of Dracula Cemetery today, which will run through November 3. It’s an educational show about Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes who was the basis for the story Dracula. Vlad‘s notoriety came from his insatiable cruelty and his penchant for consuming parts of his victims, namely, drinking their blood. Dracula aficionados can geek out on the original Dracula book on display; the rest of us can borrow a pair of fangs and a cape from the museum and have our pictures taken in a coffin.

During the same time (October 1-November 3), the museum is also presenting its 3rd Annual Haunted House, rated PG-13 and open late on Friday nights. On Saturday, October 25, it will host the 7th Annual Halloween Car Show, a costume contest for cars.

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  1. The 7th Annual Halloween car show is NOT a costume contest for cars. It is a car show for classics & modern cars with judged classes. We do have trophies for best decorated & scariest mode of transportation, but for the most part it is a competitive car show.

    You can visit our website for details.


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