Membership Workspace for Artists/Creatives to Open in Houston

by Lucia Simek April 9, 2014

Houston Makerspace. Image courtesy Marisa Brodie.

It’s a fairly common problem: you go to art school, make lots of stuff using all the available tools, get used to the convenience, graduate, and then lose the free studio and free tools. You’re SOL for a table saw, lasercutter, 3-D printer and even just tableroom to work. So unless you and some buddies can pool your funds to make a legitamate studio workshop, you better start making small works on paper at your dining room table (which is now (again) your studio).

A scenario such as this is why some clever folks in Houston have developed an art-gear mecca called Houston Makerspace, which opens this Saturday, April 12, with much fanfare, after which time “Houstonians will have access to an unparalleled arena of workspace offerings including a wood shop, metal shop, rapid prototyping lab (read: laser cutters and 3D printers!), screen printing studio, letterpress shop, jewelry studio, and sewing and textiles lab.” They’ve also got the fittings for ceramics, glassblowing, and blacksmithing, and are beginning to build-out a 10,000 square foot community garden. Also, classrooms and studio space will be available, because seriously, you may just want to be there always, chatting at the coffeemaker with all the other types like you who need coffee a lot, pretending you’re in school again.

Membership for use of the facilities (minus the studio space, that’s extra) starts at $150, and “you’ll only pay for what you use, removing the burden of long leases. It’s like a gym, for makers!”

Pay attention artists/entrepeneurs in other Texas cities (ahem, Dallas)! Every city needs a place like this. (Just don’t be dumb like other cities (ahem, NY) and screw it up).

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