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America’s Best Chimpanzee Artist, and a Rematch!

Chimpanzee Art ContestThe results are in! The Humane Society of the United States has announced the winners of its art contest. Six amateur chimpanzee artists, all retired performers or research subjects, were pitted against each other in a month-long battle. The prize monies will be awarded to the artists’ sanctuaries and the artwork will be auctioned off on e-bay to raise additional funds. (For profiles on the artists, images of their entries, as well as news on the auction dates, visit the Humane Society web page.)

After 27,000 public votes were cast, 36-year-old Louisiana resident Brent won the first place $10,000 award. The second place $5,000 prize went to Florida chimp Cheetah, who also won the $5,000 judge’s award, given by celebrity judge Jane Goodall.

Both first and second place winners have a certain Joan Mitchell-like charm, although Brent’s unique technique of painting with his tongue may have given him an extra edge. They are so close, though, that the Huffington Post is hosting a rematch of sorts through an online poll.

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