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Texas Spawns Homegrown Giant Flag Painter

On July 4th, Allen, TX artist and motivational speaker Tanner Lawley began a new effort to paint the “largest oil painting of the United States of America that has ever been painted.” The big painting will consist of 50 different 4’x4′ canvases, one for each state. Tanner is painting one state a day, starting with the first state to join the Union (Delaware) and ending with Hawaii. The 50 paintings, assembled will form a US flag. Although Lawley “paints from a place that is based solely out of love, abundance, and his compassion for others,” there is a kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $20,000 for the project.

State-triotic fans of giant painting will be happy to see a native Texan taking up the work; it was on July 4, 2010, only two years ago, that Staten Island flag painter Scott LoBaido unveiled his 3.5 acre flag on the roof of the Lammons Gasket co. in Houston.

Lawley’s “Delaware”

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