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Houston alums freshen up the Parrish

Check out ex-Blaffer director Terrie Sultan in today’s New York Times: after leaving the Blaffer 3 years ago, she became the director at the Parrish Art Museum on the East End of Long Island (home of Pollock, de Kooning et al.).  She’s expanding their programming and has already stolen away Andrea Grover, founder of Aurora Picture Show (and a Glasstire blogger) to be curator.

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  1. Iva

    One thing — Rainey’s reviews from 2001-2011 don’t fall under the same author link. There are two author URLs, with and without the last name. Don’t know how hard that would be to change, or if you’d even want to. I know y’all must be constantly battling link rot. Best of luck with all the new kinks to work out!

    1. Rainey Knudson

      We know… lots to fuss with on older content. Making better use of our huge archive (8,000+ articles; 14,000+ events listings) is one reason for the new site design. More archival projects will be coming with our 15th anniversary in 2016…

      1. Iva

        Well that is REALLY exciting and something I always wanted to ask about. I love the idea of GT being comprehensive in coverage not just for current news, but in a more historical sense. I like that it is possible to search for articles by date (cool would be the possibility of searching a date range), and seeing where it started, previously buried (it’s gotta feel nice to air out those annals). And I think it’s funny – the idea of reading Glasstire. Cover to cover, every article start to finish like a book. Can you publish it as 22,000 page book? Or nine books, one for each letter on the spine. Or fifteen books, one for each year. I’ll just read it online. Save the trees.

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