Mirror Mirror

by Margaret Meehan June 28, 2010

Today begins the start of a new catagory on Melba Toast called Mirror Mirror.  Named
in honor of its first posting and dedicated to all the multitasking,
multitalented, and multimedia artists who deserve a little shout out for their various incarnations.

First up Austin native and much loved musician Mangham Parker (aka Parker Noon) of The Low Lows. Besides playing guitar and emanating haunting vocals he debuted his latest creative endeavor this past week M*I*R*R*O*R **W*O*R*L*D / Museum of Curiosities. 

Billed as an online collection of anonymous photos of unknown
origin, as well as various obscure & out-of-print music the site is a beautifully curated nostalgic and mesmerizing look back at Fado, Rembetika, pre-war American gospel & country, brass band
dirges, Romanian gypsy ballads and more. Be prepared to spent time looking and listening.
An apology is given in advance “for the excess of crime
scenes, ruined structures, breasts, feral animals, gargoyles, Venice,
sphinxes & pyramids, bizarre insects, Moroccan prostitutes,
shipwrecks, dandies, rajahs & sultans, spirit photography, geishas,
convicts, Boo Radley types & unnatural disasters.” And with the promise of added photos and music on a weekly basis you’ll be left
with the desire to revisit again and again to witness the site’s
For the other side of this mirror go see The Low Lows play at Scoot Inn & Beir Garden in Austin this Saturday July 3rd. They never disappoint…
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