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Student art talks at UNT

The University of North Texas Art Gallery is presenting a series of talks by students enrolled in a course called Methodologies of Art History and Visual Culture."  On Thursday, Jan. 28, Valorie Fair will speak about the work of Celia Alvarez Muñoz at noon. Other talks (all at noon ) follow on Feb 2 (Lexie Ettinger will speak about the work of Linda Ridgway), 9 (Casey Wilson will speak about the work of Billy Hassell) and 11(Joe Hartman will speak about the work of James Sullivan).

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  1. rainbird

    ….and I’m not sure if it was the writing or my age or the fact that we’ve never met. It made me proud and happy.

  2. rainbird

    you need an editor…just like the rest/best/ and worst of them /and us. Alas, I am old and in my opinion your ‘writing’ (article) is too long for this sort of site, although not too long for a shiny magazine page with your pretty picture at the bottom or top. However, if I filled in the blank with who I thought was/is
    “_____ is a total cunt.”. …Rainey would almost surely delete my opinion. She has done it before with far less direct speech. I’ve read that paragraph several times and still don’t get where you are going with it.
    Must be my age or the bourbon.

  3. theremin

    Let us take inventory of the problems you have thus claimed Dallas faces in trying to establish the city as a contemporary arts center. First, there were the collectors who you requested to either, “Shit or get off the pot.” Now we are told the media is the problem. You noted that London had turned art into a major part of their economy, although you didn’t mention that we lack a savvy marketing genius like Charles Saatchi who played no small role in collecting, and marketing of London’s artists. If I may be so bold as to suggest, what DFW is lacking is MFA, or Fine Arts undergraduate programs that produce artists of high caliber. The last such artists produced by any of the area’s universities that have made a mark internationally would be Erick Swenson, Trenton Doyle Hancock, and Robyn O’Neil. Paul Slocum was self taught, and anyone claiming to have cultivated his talents would do so only out of vanity. While many of the new faculty at SMU show promise as artists, they have not produced any artists of note. All the major art centers in the USA, and UK have programs that produce artists talented enough to compete in the world market, and not just diddle in the regional market. This is true in London, New York, and Los Angeles. Can you see where we need to put our money, and our mouths? Best of luck at the new gig.

  4. Kayla

    Would have enjoyed this more had you actually called _______ a “total cunt” or wrote about “blowing something’s head off.” Since you are the one talking about “tapping into that reflex..”

  5. theremin

    Want Dallas to be a bustling art scene? Repeat after me: _______ is a total SENSATION. Say it: SENSATION, SENSATION,SENSATION, SENSATION!!! Well, at least it worked in London!

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