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Author, critic, and professor of art history at Texas Christian University Frances Colpitt shares her extensive knowledge of the Southern California art scene this Saturday at Dallas’ Barry Whistler Gallery. She will tour The Beat Goes On, currently on view, at 3 pm, then explain the importance of this Californian pocket of cool. 

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  1. jjenkins

    This work is a really bad version of an idea that was popular about 10 years ago (See Nikki S. Lee circa 1998). Please, can’t we do better?

  2. summer

    It dosnt matter if it is an idea that was popular whenever and then redone. It dosnt matter at all. I think it is done well once I looked at it again.

  3. summer

    The lighting on the woman newscaster in a jumpsuit creates a scary ambience, that mixed with the funny and sad aspects of the woman is kinda touching.

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