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Every one of the 264 entries in the 2009 Art Car Parade was a winner, but there's winning, and then there's cash. At the awards ceremony and brunch last Sunday the biggest prizes, $1500 each, went to California Fantasy Van by Ernie Stengold (#40), Jeffrey’s Oceanic Peace Extravaganza by Carolyn Marcantel and Hurst-Euless Bedford ISD Students (#180), and Psychedelic Surfer Dude-Revisited by Robynn Sanders (for David Duthu) (#182). Lesser, but still plushy, prizes of $1000 went to Atomic Dog by Rebecca Bass and Waltrip High School Students (#4), Thomson by art-car veteran Mark Bradford (#25), Finn Jet by Antti Rahko (#74), and another  $1000 for the Psychedelic Surfer Dude for being good, as well as popular. The $1000 lowrider prize was split between Heavy Metal by Mike Campos (#111) and Azteca Gold by Jesus Jimenez (#112). $500 went to Crock Rock by Robert Wink (#11) for his contraption and $500 to daily driver Shattered Vanity by Nicole Strine (#30). $250 prizes were handed out like birdseed: best bike, best music, political statement, painted car, skater, etc. etc. Dozens of others got trophies, and everyone had fun.

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