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Frottage in the garden of the Nymph Ancolie

William Camfield, professor emeritus of art history at Rice University and Josef Helfenstein, curator of the Menil’s current Max Ernst in the Garden of Nymph Ancolie, converse, confer and confabulate at the Menil on Tuesday, January 13 in a free public program in conjunction with the Menil exhibition . 7 p.m. Immediately following, Mellon conservator Ellen Hanspach will lead a gallery discussion of Ernst’s pioneering use of the technique he called frottage (the drawing technique, not the sex act, although the Ernst mural hung for years in a nightclub).

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  1. Pat

    I do not even have to see this show to know what will be in it. Why are you promoting artists such a Bradford who are in a rut they are too lazy to get out of? There are so many artists who challenge themselves, take risks, truly evolve.

  2. Ivan L

    Well Pat, I report on it because (a) I feel like it, and (b) because despite your pessimism about Bardford’s work, this show is a very big step forward in her work, a really smart and labor-intensive conceptual evolution in her work. Too bad you didn’t challenge your preconceptions or take a risk with this show, you really missed out.

    Furthermore, I promote artists such as Bradford because I think she’s one of the most interesting artists in Texas right now and Art Palace is in the top 3 galleries for contemporary art in Austin.

    Lastly, I have a hard time caring if artists challenge themselves, take risks or truly evolve, as long as the work challenges me, the work takes risks and the work truly evolves. Those two things are very different, and a big reason some people have careers and some just dabble.

  3. Ivan L

    Pat, virtually the same show as what? Bradfor’d Women and their Work Show, or her Okay Mountain show, or her Lawndale show, or something else?
    And perhaps you’re right about the “accounting for taste” part. As much as I enjoy seeing new things and new art, I also really enjoy seeing artists grow. I certainly wasn’t expecting Bradford to do color field paintings or social sculpture…

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