So I’m reading the NYT holiday movie section just now and this catches my eye:


I find this on their website

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, a
non-profit organization, recognizes and honors filmmakers whose work
explores the human journey by expressing hope and respect for the
positive values of life.

The Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award…allows studios and distributors to inform potential audiences of
a film’s uplifting message and appeal. Submissions are received
directly from studios and producers for consideration. The award is
given prior to the film’s release with the goal of encouraging
moviegoers to support the film, especially on opening weekend.


OK, so people want to support warm, fuzzy, heroic movies (the one in the paper today was "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas," which presumably is about the heartwarming relationship between a German/Polish/Czech/Hungarian/Austrian boy who befriends a Jewish boy inside a Nazi concentration camp. I’m sure it is a Truly Moving Picture, and I’m sure I’ll be brought to tears when it pops up eventually on my Netflix queue.)

 But I’d rather not have been even peripherally distracted from Daniel Craig as the new Bond by a faux-Cannes wreath in the shape of a heart. 





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