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Katie Grinnan



Britt from the Chron gets down with Ariana Roesch and Sasha Dela of =SKYDIVE=


"Sasha Dela says she missed the abundance of artist-run spaces in San
Francisco, where "either you’re connected to the artists themselves or
the people who run the space, or it’s somebody who’s working with
similar themes as you, because you’re around the same peer group."

Dela says she wants Skydive "to be a place that can host (artistic)
practices that are really pushing the boundaries of what (artistic)
practice can be."

That philosophy will emphasize experimental approaches to sculpture,
installation and video rather than "traditional media like acrylic on
canvas," Roesch says, adding that she and Dela are less interested in
presenting art they can sell than in providing exposure and "creating

That includes inviting other artists to curate shows and serve on an
advisory board. Out-of-town participants can explore Houston through
"mini-residencies" before creating site-specific work."


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