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But what about the connotation?

Britt from the Chron gets down with Tracye Wear;


Q: Why did you title the show Palimpsest?

A: The denotation is a scraping-away of images, and when you work in
encaustic, you can see very deep into the wax — many, many layers — layered
stories about the home, about what goes on in the home, perhaps the troubles in
the home. There’s a lot of snakes, and there’s a lot of broken homes.


Then he goes on a vidspree! 






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  1. Noah_Simblist

    this group of “artists” includes jobs like announcers, floral designers and window dressers. The group of fine artists numbering 216, 996 also includes art directors and animators while photographers are relegated to a separate category numbering 147, 389. If we were to take the top 10 cities for artists literally then we should all move to San Francisco or Santa Fe not LA or NYC. The biggest problem with this census is that it assumes that all self proclaimed professional artists are just that. Plus the inclusion of professions like architects, designers, and art directors skews the median income and the ubiquity of a second job because there are clear structures for employment as opposed to painters, sculptors, etc.

  2. Ivan L

    “The only artists whose ranks declined since 1990 were, as a group, FINE ARTISTS, art directors and animators, to 216,000 from 278,000.”

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