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How did I miss THIS on Emervegeoning? Oh, yeah. Hurricane. Well, just like the Texans four game home stretch should blow up into rediculous parking lot parties (’cause no one got out for a while, and the roof of the stadium blew off- prompting this last minute schedule change) there is a fuckload of good shit I missed, and I gotta catch up.

 "At one point, Art Guy Michael Galbreth pointed to a chair and rhetorically asked: What does this mean?"


Motherfucker, it’s a chair. It sounds like the San Antone conversation was a little stilted as intent wandered into the picture. Debating the importance of intent, the Art Guys "turned ever-so-slightly preachy"; BennE even goes so far as to write intent into the Art Guys’ own Gold Dumpster, 1995. Surprisingly, Brit design idealogue David Adjaye does not "turn ever-so-slightly preachy" as he edits the city, in theory.


"Adjaye pushes us to awareness with an overriding sense of
intentionality and purpose; in art, so often overanalyzed by its
devotees, the Art Guys push us to awareness with unrelenting whimsy."


Dude, you are totally doing Adjaye. Intent is besides the point. Hell, no intent is still intent, so it’s pretty much a popularity contest. Besides, doesn’t Andrea Zittel kind of cut a figure using ideas both Galbreth and Adjaye would agree with?


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