Art for Obama

Here’s a different call for entries:, along with artist Shepherd Fairley, are asking for artwork "themed around Hope, Change, Progress, Unity and Patriotism—the themes that [Barack] Obama‘s campaign brought to public awareness." They’re going to show works in an online gallery called Manifest Hope and in Denver during the Democratic Convention later this month. Deadline is quick — August 18!! [In the interest of being fair and balanced, we checked the McCain campaign site for any art news and… no.]

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12 responses to “Art for Obama”

  1. As much as I dislike McCain, at least he isn’t polluting the art world with propaganda ‘art’ yet… Remember the old days when no one knew about hope, change, progress, unity, and patriotism? I’m so thankful that I am aware of them now.

  2. ha ha does that really say Shepherd Fairley?

  3. his comment stays?

  4. user comment edits for the loss.

  5. Yes we deleted several comments on this string. Arguments are fine, but boring personal attacks between two posters will not be tolerated.

  6. ha

  7. McCain is pimping his wifey to the bikers in Sturgis.

  8. I’m voting for Paris Hilton. For realz.

  9. i actually really like the new work fairey has been doing over the past few years. i got a chance to see some fresh prints last week at obsolete ind. in east austin and the quality was outstanding..

  10. how about a paris hilton propaganda show at afg?

  11. Anyone willing to do a Paris Hilton Propaganda Show artwork email me because I’ll put on a show of that. Not kidding.

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