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it’s like everybody who’s out there painting destroyed landscapes covered with graffitti and trash, only with explosions and skateboarding in slo mo. Surfing our current apocolypse. It’s aesthetically everything you can ask for in under 5 minutes. (Directed by Spike Jonze apparently.)

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  1. gulfweed

    I’ve seen better video of skaters doing truly unbelievable tricks. I like the slo-mo; it gives them a Matrix-like halluciantory antigravity, but for me the pyrotechnics in these clips are distracting and childish, taking real, beautiful human skill and dedication and making it a Hollywood stunt. What’s utterly cool about the best of these tricks is that they occur in real life situations, railings, stairways, parks, streets making the most bland landscapes into backdrops for young men trying to be gods, and occasionally, for a few instants, succeeding.

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