San Antonio Unveils New Public Art Installations by Luis Lopez

by Jessica Fuentes April 8, 2024

The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture has announced the completion of new public art installations by Luis Lopez, celebrating Tejano and Conjunto music.

Mr. Lopez is a Mexican-born, San Antonio-based artist whose work explores his identity and cultural heritage using a variety of styles and mediums. Over the past few decades, he has created more than a dozen public art pieces in San Antonio and beyond. His newest installation, Orgullo Tejano (Tejano Pride), includes a 14-foot mosaic and steel accordion player, and a nearby smaller companion piece features an outstretched accordion. 

A photograph of a public sculpture by Luis Lopez featuring an accordion player.

Luis Lopez, “Orgullo Tejano (Tejano Pride),” 2024

The main work is located near the intersection of Old Highway 90 and SW 37th Street. The highway is significant to the city’s history for a multitude of reasons, but it is especially poignant for this artwork as the road was home to several music venues from the 1950s to the 1970s. The smaller secondary sculpture is incorporated into the River Walk Public Art Garden.

In a press release announcing the finished sculptures, Mr. Lopez noted, “Orgullo Tejano was created to honor the legacy of Tejano conjunto music and the artistry of accordion players. This installation creates a sense of cultural empowerment and enlightenment and promotes the richness, health and pride of our community. I hope that this piece not only pays homage to our heritage but challenges the imagination and inspires future generations.”

A photograph depicting the 2024 Fiesta Medal and the sculpture it is based on.

The City of San Antonio’s 2024 Fiesta Medal

Additionally, the City has released the official City of San Antonio 2024 Fiesta Medals, which feature Mr. Lopez’s accordion player. San Antonio’s annual Fiesta celebration typically takes place in late April, and the Fiesta Medals have been an important part of the event for decades. 

Krystal Jones, Department of Arts & Culture Director, explained, “The community asked for the artwork to focus on music traditions and celebrations using a bright and vibrant color palette. It is a perfect match for our official 2024 Fiesta medal, and we hope the community proudly wears it while enjoying the sights and sounds of our city during this lively time.” 

The Fiesta Medals are available through the Donate to the Arts program, in which contributors donating $20 or more will be mailed one medal, while supplies last. 

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