This and That: Ilya Kabakov and Phallon Lauderback Wright

by Jessica Fuentes November 28, 2022

“This and That” is an occasional series of paired observations. See past “This and That” posts here. – Ed.

Today: Classroom ruins

A photograph of one section of the a large installation by Ilya Kabakov.

Installation view of Ilya Kabakov’s “School No. 6,” 1993, at The Chinati Foundation. Photo by Todd Eberle


A photograph of an installation by Phallon Lauderback Wright which features a disheveled school desk and white board stuck in a pile of dirt and bricks. The white board and desk have repeated text written across their surfaces.

Phallon Lauderback Wright, “The Kids Are Not Alright: Unearthing The Preconditioning of Madonnas and Whores,” 2022, multimedia installation, variable dimensions.


No matter how original, innovative or crazy your idea, someone else is also working on that idea. Furthermore, they are using notation very similar to yours. – Bruce J. MacLennan

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Trish Rigdon November 29, 2022 - 09:23

Could you include in the caption for The Kids Are Not Alright where it was exhibited.


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