(Final) Letter From the News Editor

by Christopher Blay July 27, 2021

Christopher Blay in 2019, when Glasstire named him News Editor

I was at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth studying photography with a minor in Art History in 2001 when Glasstire came on the scene. At the time, the prevailing, if waning, art publication of record in Texas was ArtLies. I knew ArtLies, and was also starting to see posts from Glasstire with my free AOL CD internet account.

Glasstire hit its stride around the same time I made the choice to become a “real” artist, and it feels as if I’ve grown up with this publication. Before my work was first reviewed here, it was featured in Fort Worth Weekly and on KERA’s Art And Seek in DFW, both points of pride.

I later challenged myself to work at writing and submitting art reviews to those very publications, and was encouraged by my first longtime editor Anthony Mariani at the Weekly. And like many writers (or artists who write), I was too intimidated to submit anything that looked like writing to the editors here at Glasstire.

But then I did, and I found a home. With the help and encouragement of Christina Rees, Brandon Zech, and Rainey Knudson, I took the mad leap from artist (and also a professional curator) to becoming a writer and editor, and I joined Glasstire full time. I’m still becoming, and getting better, because I found a home at the dopest art magazine in Texas.

This is my last week here, and I will miss it. A day shy of two years ago, Glasstire announced my arrival here, and last week it also announced that I would be taking on a new role in Houston. I will miss writing about and fighting for Texas artists alongside these Glasstire folks.

I would personally like to thank all of our readers and newsletter subscribers, and friends, and artists, and galleries, and museums. We love art, and we love y’all, or we wouldn’t wake up this early every day to share Texas art with you. I hope you will continue to support Glasstire, as I know I will. Go see some art.


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Heidi Vaughan July 29, 2021 - 12:11

I loved spending time with you when you came to HVFA for Alton DuLaney’s recent show. Thank you so much for your sincere consideration and reporting of the exhibition. I always read and enjoy what you write for Glasstire. Your view has that consistent sincerity, marked by your unique personal reference. You seem just right for your new role. I’m sure the Houston Museum of African American Culture will gain much from your influence. Best wishes and good luck!

carolyn July 29, 2021 - 16:23

I think I’m not alone in my gratitude and appreciation for you and all your accomplishments here and elsewhere. I’ll miss you here but am excited to see the fruits of your next gig.
PS: Love the photo.


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