Glasstire to Turn Entire Website Into NFT; Sell With Christie’s & Sotheby’s

by Glasstire April 1, 2021
Glasstire Website NFT

A detail of Glasstire’s website NFT, which will be sold with an auction reserve of $70 million

Glasstire is pleased to announce its first foray into selling NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. In a move that will rival the recent record-breaking sale by Christie’s of a $69 million digital artwork, Glasstire will turn its entire publication — including thousands of articles, images, event listings, videos, and podcasts spanning 20 years — into one mega-NFT that will be sold jointly by Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

The decision for Glasstire to turn its website into a NFT collectable was an easy one, considering how popular the digital tokens have become, and how much money other tokens have been going for. “Considering a NFT of a recent New York Times column sold for $560,000, it just makes sense for Glasstire to get into the crypto-journalism-art-collectable game,” Glasstire’s Publisher, Brandon Zech, said of the move.

One reason for Glasstire’s decision to produce a NFT now is to satiate the dozens of collectors who have already contacted the publication asking to own digital versions of its various aspects. Zech expanded on this: “We’ve had people asking about NFTs of our nav bar; people wanting to buy editions of Glasstire’s logo; artists asking to take ownership of their reviews; and so much more. I don’t know if this NFT thing is a craze or if it’s here to stay, but we want to ride the wave while we can.”

Rather than auctioning off individual elements of its website, Glasstire decided to combine the whole kit and caboodle into one package that will be sold (if everything goes right) jointly by Christie’s and Sotheby’s in an auction to end all auctions. The auction reserve will be $70 million.

“I can’t wait for the opportunity to own the entirety of Glasstire’s digital footprint,” one anonymous collector said, adding “I don’t know exactly what a NFT is, but if they’re selling, I’m buying.”

Proceeds from the sale of Glasstire’s website NFT will go toward Glasstire’s new mission of producing international immersive pop-up installations featuring the paintings of Sir Paul McCartney.


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carlsmith April 1, 2021 - 09:08


Caitlin April 1, 2021 - 09:50

Hahahaha had me going for a sec 😛

Jessica Phifer April 1, 2021 - 10:40

My god I was breathless for a minute there…

Keelin Burrows April 1, 2021 - 16:47

I was waiting for an April Fool’s joke today. Good one.

Doobie williams April 11, 2021 - 18:26

Oh no yur gonna destroy the environment and flood venice! NFT is evil!!


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