Performance Art: Could be Awful, Could be Fantastic

by Paula Newton September 19, 2016

The thing about performance art (among many, many other things) is the cliché of the spewing, therapeutic peanut butter experience. On the other hand, the freedom and the openness of performance art allows for the unexpected and the occasional brilliance that can accompany the expression of artists who don’t know any better.

Houston’s Notsuoh makes room for that goofy in-between space. Once again, they will host an evening of performance art. Here are the participating weirdos that may or may not blow your mind!

Celestina Billington
Bastard Mysticism
Chris Stevens
Andrew DiMatteo
Jeremiah Carroll
Joe Ortiz
Rosalia Lucio
Julia Claire
Eric Thayer
Jennifer Free
Brittani Broussard

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