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The White Album

The White Album is curated by Wade Wilson and includes works by six artists interpreting "white". Wade Wilson Art features the paintings of Lucinda Cobley, […]

Libbie Masterson: Sky

In conjunction with the FotoFest Biennial, Wade Wilson Art presents new works by Libbie Masterson! Sky features a collection of images which explores America’s horizons […]

McKay Otto

McKay Otto uses a special translucent nylon on his acrylic paintings to collect and amplify ambient light in his "Trans dimensional" paintings that the press […]

Joseph Marioni

Marioni‘s current exhibit is comprised "primarily of more intimately scaled red and his very rare blue paintings."

Michael Crowder: L

"Crowder will paint the gallery indigo blue to instill a 19th century museum setting where indigo cases will house cast glass forms, among them a […]

Mary Jane Miller: The Mary Series

Wade Wilson presents an exhibit of religious icon paintings. That’s right, religious icon paintings. No, no typo there. He’s really showing religious icon paintings. We […]

Beneath the Seen

Curated by Mr. Wade Wilson himself, Beneath the Seen features works on paper and studies by artists better known for their work in other media, […]

Yigal Ozeri

Wade Wilson presents Ozeri ‘s hyper-realistic portraits.

Michael Guidry: Stranger in Paradise

Michael Guidry’s abstracted, geometric paintings look pretty interesting. In addition to being an artist, Guidry is also the Curator of the University of Houston Art […]

Lucinda Cobley: Vision Eclipsed

British-born artist Lucinda Cobley‘s first solo show in the U.S. features her paintings on etched and sand-blasted glass.

Helene Rene Pfeffer

Santa Fe-based artist Helene Pfeffer presents work from her Linear Series, in her first exhibit with Wade Wilson.

Tom Berg

Wade Wilson presents 30 years of work by Santa Fe artist Tom Berg.

Steve Murphy

Lead-coated, geometric wooden forms remnniscent of Ellsworth Kelly.

Dick Wray

Wray has a long history with Houston. Born in 1933, Wray studied architecture at U of H from 1955 – 1958. He also was one […]

Jason Young

Watch how he makes his paintings!

Tomas Glass: Paintings

Come out and support Glass in his first solo exhibit. Also don't miss a special musical performance by Glass' music collaborator Kanude and The Lawmen […]

Alan Ebnother: Paintings

Ebnother, a member of the Concrete Painting movement, offers up a fresh new color/look with his new paintings.