The Safe Room at Texas Theater

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231 West Jefferson Boulevard

Dallas, Texas 75208

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Erica Stephens: Southern Vanitas

The Safe Room at Texas Theater

September 12 - October 3, 2015

A one-night only event (September 12) where the public is invited into the Safe Room to help create still life compositions. These compositions will be photographed and displayed along with Stephens' oil paintings for the duration of the exhibition.


Jon Revett: The Glacier Project

An evolving installation by Amarillo-based artist Jon Revett’s about transformation and cultural synthesis, featuring old records in various formations, their covers screen printed with Islamic […]

Kent Dorn: Into the Night

An exhibition of works made by artist Kent Dorn that parody the idealism of early American landscape painting.

Kristina Paabus: in for it

Artist Kristina Paabus’ recent two-dimensional and sculptural works, utilize a combination of print techniques and are informed by her recent investigations in logic, game strategies, […]

Randy Guthmiller: Shape Room

This show of work by Dallas artist and zine publisher Randy Guthmiller transforms the Safe Room into a “Shape Room”


Works included in this exhibition (soccer field sized works, and more!) include examples of work ranging from a span of about 8 years ago up […]

Two Story

Screening of short film by the ascendant Frank Mosley (“Upstream Color”) and Lee Luna. Part of a quartet of movies they shot in Seattle.

Kayla Escobedo: WATCH KAYLA

While an undergraduate, Escobedo created KaylaTV in which Kayla, who is based on the artist, performs a series of mundane tasks that reveal nuances of neurosis, […]

Nothing Fits!

The Safe Room invites you to join them “for a joyous shake-up /mind-bending/ thinking- outside-of-the- frame union of art by Nina Harp and Erik Schuessler […]

Sally Glass: Am I Still Ill

Sally Glass’ solo exhibition entitled Am I Still Ill, opens Saturday, August 10investigates the absurdity and deterioration of human connection as reflected in failures of […]

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