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Everything we want it to be…at all times.

The culmination of an ongoing project for “a group show about a group.” Featuring John Forse, Lane Hagood, Bradley Kerl, Cody Ledvina, Gabriel Martinez, and […]

Houston Ink

Works from Nau-haus Art & Graphic (NAG) collaborations, including works by  artists Ann Harithas, Susan Plumb, Marzia Faggin, Kelly Moran, James Magee, George Gittoes, Sharon […]

Albert Oehlen and Christopher Wool: Musical Moves

German painter Albert Oehlen and American painter Christopher Wool have immersed themselves in various musical activities; this exhibition, curated by John Corbett, brings together an […]

The Best Of The A/V Swap 2009

A/V Swap projects are collaborations that begin with a film or song that is traded between artists to complete. The Best Of 2009 is a […]

D Tour

"Every month Houston PBS, in partnership with Independent Lens, hosts a Community Cinema screening in which we put on a new independent documentary to be previewed, […]

The A/V Swap: The Good, the Bad and the Dirty

The Good, the Bad and the Dirty is the 6th annual A/V Swap, featuring 34 films by Houston filmmakers, aspring composers, established artists, and soulful songwriters.


Curated by Visual and Dramatic Arts junior Erin Rouse and Proessor/artist John Sparagana, NADA is about, well nothing, and features installation, video, sound, performance, text-based, […]