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Liliana Bloch Gallery

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Ann Glazer: Stay in Touch

Liliana Bloch Gallery

April 1 - July 1, 2017

A new large-scale outdoor artwork by Ann Glazer. The piece is an ode back to the days when "an acquaintance's phone number would be scribbled on a scrap of paper, a make-shift surface or the back of a hand." The 19-foot printed vinyl banner shows a leaf that has been inscribed with a phone number.

Vince Jones

Liliana Bloch Gallery

April 1 - May 6, 2017

In his work, Dallas artist Vince Jones uses found objects and recycled text to create assemblages that "suggest the neo-era of American arte povera."


Mayra Barraza: History Lessons

An exhibition of works by artist Mayra Barraza. Barraza combines Pre-Columbian imagery with the current violent movements in El Salvador in an attempt to “bring the viewer...

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Ryan Goolsby: Totem

An exhibition of works by Dallas artist Ryan Goolsby. The sculptures in this show take their form from objects the artist has found on the street....

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The Trinity River Project

An exhibition that displays artifacts from the written and participatory portions of Marcos Lutyens and Laray Polk’s Trinity River Project. “As collaborators, Lutyens and Polk seek to...

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Tim Best: Polished

From the gallery: “Tim Best’s work is based on what he calls Gender Logic: a hierarchy of biological and social characteristics of appearance that constitute gender...

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Regina José Galindo: Marabunta

A show of works by Guatemala City-based artist Regina José Galindo. “Her work explores the universal ethical implications of social injustice, discrimination related to race, gender...

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Pierre Krause: LOSS

A site-specific large-scale work by Dallas artist Pierre Krause. The piece uses “gestural shapes to evoke feelings of contemplative nature.”

Kathy Lovas: I’m So Glitché

An exhibition of photographic and sculptural installations by artist Kathy Lovas. The works in the show are photographs run through the iPhone app Glitché in order to...

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Bonny Leibowitz: New Artifacts

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Bonny Leibowitz. The works in the show are comprised of hand-woven textiles and mass-produced fabrics to comment on “culture,...

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Alicia Eggert

An exhibition by Denton-based artist Alicia Eggert. Eggert uses her work to explore “the relationship between language, image and time.”

Leigh Merrill: THIS PLACE

An exhibition by Dallas-based artist Leigh Merrill. “Merrill’s process involves making thousands of individual photographs, videos, and audio recordings while exploring a city or neighborhood, then...

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Lynne Harlow: Hey Sunshine

An exhibition by Lynne Harlow continuing her exploration of light, color and material. Combining both fine art and commercial materials, Hey Sunshine emphasizes the behavior of...

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Michael Corris: Emblems

An exhibition of monotypes by artist Michael Corris. Reflecting personal experiences of the artist, the monotypes pair an image with the palette used to create the...

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Du Chau: Part of A Continuum

Du Chau’s solo exhibition Part of a Continuum is “an installation that incorporates multiplicity in ceramics and wire to create a quiet contemplative yet emotionally charged...

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A group exhibition of video and photography reflecting the human condition and exploring our relationship with nature, including works by Allison Hunter, Debora Hunter, Leigh...

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And They Papered The Room

A group exhibition featuring a variety of paper works, including art by Mayra Barraza, Tim Best, Kristen Cochran, Michael Corris, Ann Glazer, Lynne Harlow, Letitia...

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Ann Glazer: Packable

An exhibition by artist Ann Glazer that questions the constraints of weight and space in an increasingly mobile society and painting in a culture that...

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Letitia Huckaby: Bayou Baroque

An installation by artist Letitia Huckaby, who evokes old master portraiture in her honoring of the spirit of sacrifice and faith of the nuns at...

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Ryan Goolsby: Semantic Field

Goolsby draws influence from symbols used to convey information (scientific or mathematical in nature) as a means to question our belief and knowledge structure. The...

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Alicia Henry: FACES

Faces explores isolation and interaction—Alicia Henry is interested in the complexities and the contradictions surrounding familial relationships as well as societal differences and how these...

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Summer School

A group exhibition about the American education system. Participating artists: Mayra Barraza, Tim Best, Du Chau, Ryan Goolsby, Letitia Huckaby, Vince Jones, Kathy Lovas, Leigh...

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Tim Best: CRUSH

Large scale photographic collages by Tim Best.

Kathy Lovas: Octave Studies

Lovas presents a new series of colorful silkscreen prints, in which she examines ideas of indexicality, the archive, and the frame through personal narratives.

Du Chau: Hanging On

This sculpture exhibition is about interpersonal relationships.  

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