Galleri Urbane Dallas

Galleri Urbane Dallas

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2277 Monitor St.

Dallas, TX 75206


Jeffrey Dell: Dreamland

Galleri Urbane Dallas

November 21 - January 2, 2016

An exhibition of works that reference Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada. Dell on this concept: “This is a reference to our human tendency to see what we want to see, what we hope to prove. Area 51, as a mythical place, is a locus of desire, longing and conspiracy.”

Jessica Snow: Refraction in the Line of Sight

Galleri Urbane Dallas

November 21 - January 2, 2016

An exhibition of works "nspired on percussive rhythms and Corbusier’s classic Dom-ino Effect, so-called because the houses could be linked end to end like dominos, and hyphenated to combine domus and innovation." Ah Corbusier, we meet again.


Ad Infinitum

An exhibition of works by Jessica Drenk. Inspired by patterns in nature, Drenk’s work synthesizes natural shapes and materials.

Here & Now

A juried exhibition featuring paintings by 9 artists from around the country, including Matthew Craig, Brent Hallard, Lindsey Landfried, Lori Larusso, Melinda Laszczysnki, Danny Rose,...

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Irby Pace: Explosions In The Sky

An exhibition of artist Irby Pace’s photographs in which colored, floating clouds activate the negative spaces of the environments.

Gail Peter Borden: Faceted Lines

A large, solo exhibition by artist, architect, and author Gail Peter Borden, whose works act together as an entire installation wrapping around the gallery as...

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Mel Prest: MoonBrightChime/Portmanteau

A collection of new paintings by San Francisco-based artist Mel Prest. She says: “I layer conflicting personal references, such as fog colors, music, fabric and thought...

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Natural Selection: The Work of Brett Weston

50 large-format landscape photographs from Brett Weston (1911 – 1993), including shots from Mexico, California, Texas, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere.

New Year, New Art

New works by Kate Carr, Jason Willaford, Allie Pohl, Gail Peter Borden, and introducing Claire Ashley, Delanie Jenkins and Leah Rosenberg.

Pop!: Irby Pace

Irby Pace injects color into the urban landscape in the form of colored “smoke.”

Art: In Living Color

Galleri Urbane Dallas announces Art: In Living Color, an upcoming exhibition featuring artists Don Martiny and Jessica Snow. Don Martiny’s work defies typical rectilinear shapes while...

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Misako Inaoka: Muted Imprints

A traveling exhibit from the Boca Raton Museum of Art of Misako’s  bizarre combinations of animal and machine.

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